Abbott Signs Six Bills Aimed At Strengthening Border Security

Republicans have long denounced President Joe Biden’s lax border policies, particularly because of the violent crime and drugs introduced into the United States by the dangerous cartels of Mexico and Central America.

This week, Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott took aim at those issues by signing into law a half-dozen bills related to the state’s long border with Mexico.

“Washington, D.C., has failed to do its job to secure our border,” he said during a signing ceremony on Thursday. “As a result, Texas has had to take unprecedented steps in responding to the crisis created by the Biden administration. The Texas legislature has stepped up.”

An ongoing statewide initiative, known as Operation Lone Star, grew by more than a half-billion dollars compared to last year, totaling $5.1 billion in spending in this session alone. Abbott concluded that the money has been allocated “to deal with the crisis and chaos caused by the Biden administration.”

While citing the success that Operation Lone Star has already had, the governor noted that “more must be done,” including the measures he signed into law this week.

The first of those bills, SB 1900, officially designated Mexican drug cartels as foreign terrorist organizations. As a result, prosecutors may file elevated charges against those accused of participating in cartel-related crimes.

Other bills he signed on Thursday expanded the authority of Border Patrol agents, provided for reimbursement to ranchers whose property is damaged by border-related crimes, and authorized the state military to monitor the border with drones.

Along with other Republican governors, Abbott has been consistent in taking action where possible to secure the border without support from the federal government.

He was also at the forefront of a program by which undocumented immigrants were transferred from his state to so-called “sanctuary jurisdictions” elsewhere across the country.

One particularly newsworthy destination was the nation’s capital — specifically just outside of Vice President Kamala Harris’ residence.

The latest buses arrived just days before Title 42, a pandemic-era rule allowing for easier deportation, was set to expire last month.

Abbott spokesperson Andrew Mahaleris defended the move at the time, asserting: “Until President Biden steps up and does his job, Texas will continue busing migrants to sanctuary cities to provide relief to our overwhelmed border towns.”