Activists Attack Brendan Fraser’s New Movie As ‘Dehumanizing’

Actor Brendan Fraser’s emotional comeback was marred by activists claiming that the movie was full of “dehumanizing” fatphobia and “anti-fat hate.

Directed by Darren Aronofsky, “The Whale” features Fraser as a morbidly obese teacher who is trying to repair his fractured relationship with his daughter. The movie is based on a 2012 play by Samuel D. Hunter.

After the movie’s debut screening at the Venice Film Festival, the audience gave both Fraser and the film itself a six-minute standing ovation. A video of the moment went viral, as the audience’s reaction caused the actor to cry tears of joy.

Unfortunately for Fraser, that joy may be short-lived, as he is now being attacked by the woke mob.

Fat activists on social media are now calling for a boycott of the film — with actress and writer Pia Glenn leading the charge.

Glenn posted a viral thread on Twitter attacking the movie.

“Playing ghoulish dress-up in fat people’s skin gets you the highest praise& awards,” she wrote in one tweet.

“Ppl who fight to be seen as full humans with dignity in the context of any number of other marginalized identities will dive head first into fatphobia & all I can say to them is go f— yourselves,” Glenn added.

The actress went on to refer to praise of the film and of Fraser as “dehumanizing” and “disgusting,” expressing outrage that Fraser wore a fat suit for the role instead of allowing a fat actor to play the character.

Other social justice warriors joined in on her attacks.

“The movie treats this as a combination of selflessness and suicidality, never considering the very obvious reason why a 650lb person would avoid doctors: IT’S CALLED MEDICAL FATPHOBIA YOU ABSOLUTE PRICKS,” said writer Katie Rife.

“While Brendan Fraser is certainly talented, being ‘amazed’ that he ‘manages to bring humanity’ to a 600-pound character isn’t actually praise for his acting, it’s proof of the widespread dehumanization of fat people, especially super fat people. Fat-suit movies perpetuate that,” another popular response read.

“[I]t’s SUPER f—ed up and ugly and fatphobic, like im all for supporting brendan fraser but can we please discuss how s— the movie is,” another Twitter user wrote.

One movie writer responded to the film by demanding that the only people that should be allowed to review it should be “fat critics.”

Fraser’s return to the screen followed the actor revealing that he had been groped by a movie executive and asserting that he may have been blacklisted from the industry because of it. He also revealed that he had suffered from physical injuries and had gotten divorced.

“The Whale” was released to select theaters on Monday.