Adam Schiff Maniacally Attacks Donald Trump And Blames Him For January 6

If you have not noticed, Donald Trump is no longer president of the United States of America. Most sane Americans appreciate our former president more than ever. The anti-President Joe Biden is tanking our economy and running our nation into the ground.

Liz Cheney found text messages on Mark Meadows’ telephone and decided to leak them to be published by the liberal media and allow them to make false claims about Donald Trump. They demonstrate that there never was an insurrection, but we all know that already. At worst, they show that some attendees at the Stop The Steal rally in Washington DC got out of hand entirely apart from any intention of the Trump campaign, legal team, or White House. Either some of these Americans intentionally broke into the Capitol Hill Building, or they may have foolishly gotten caught up in a mob or led astray by planted FBI agents and overzealous rioters.

But what happened at the beginning of this year was not an organized effort to take over this nation by a coup or insurrection.

Democrats and the liberal media propagandists portrayed these texts as sensational proof that Donald Trump attempted to take over the United States of America. They prove the opposite, but that does not matter to these nitwits.

These messages do not unequivocally obliterate Donald Trump nearly one year after he unceremoniously left office to be replaced by a perennially unpopular, incompetent, and corrupt politician named Joe Biden, who, according to the media, received over 84 million votes, the most in history. But he looks and talks like a friendly Grandpa who worked for them. Instead of electing a prom king, we have the most famous dancer at the AARP game night.

Democrat Representative Adam Schiff (CA) would be considered a one-trick pony if he had any tricks. He is the most tenacious fabricator and leaker in Congress. He endeavored to drive Trump out of government and now seeks to remove his memory from the solar system.

Somehow messages that disprove the media insurrection narrative are being used to support it. It is an insane level of nonsense, even by the low political standards of Democrats.

Schiff has attempted to support efforts by Democrats to arrest and indefinitely detain all rebels in the county who stepped foot on the Capitol grounds. But nobody has been formally accused of insurrection or treason. Ashli Babbitt was the only person killed on the scene, and she was a Trump ally. Trump himself issued a tranquil in impassioned dissent and ended his remarks with calls for calm. He specifically said, “I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.”

He never told anyone to break into the Capitol building. Instead, the Leftists in government and media scorned the man who attempted to reform and strengthen our nation.

The media seem to think that they can get to Donald Trump by threatening his son Don Jr. His son wrote to Meadows about his dad on January 6. “He must denounce this s**t ASAP. The Capitol Police tweet isn’t sufficient.” He went on, “We want an Oval Office address. He needs to lead now. It has gone excessively far and gone crazy.”

Schiff thinks that these messages let us know that these individuals comprehended the reality of this assault and that the president attempted to stop it, but he did not halt it at the moment when violence broke out. But Trump did this.

He said that they are currently attempting to minimize these occasions. It smacks you in the face to see what Don Jr. was saying. Donald Trump Jr.’s messages clarify that there was no organized insurgence, no coup, pre-planned riot, and QAnon conspiracy set up. Adam Schiff is a fraud, and he has the gall to lecture us about defending this nation.