Afghan Citizens Accuse Joe Biden Of Being A “Thief”

Afghan citizens are adding to the catastrophic withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan last year by Joe Biden by now accusing him of stealing aid money from the Afghani people. Last Friday, Biden signed an executive order that reallocates aid funds that the Afghan citizens say should go to them instead of the Taliban.

Afghan Financial Adviser Torek Farhadi reportedly said that the money frozen in the US belongs to the people of Afghanistan and that Biden’s order favors only Americans and is inconsistent with international law. He added that “no country on Earth” attempts to confiscate another country’s reserve assets.

The new Biden executive order reportedly divides $7 billion between Afghan citizens and American victims of the September 11 terror attacks and their families. The funds came from Afghan assets frozen inside the US after the Taliban takeover of the nation last summer following the US withdrawal.

Many people associated with Afghanistan are now calling Biden a “thief.” The theme of the protests has said that because the country was not involved with September 11, it should not be forced to pay money to the victims or their families. Protest organizer Abdul Rahman said the order ignores Afghans who “gave many sacrifices and thousands of losses of lives.”

Some American foreign policy analysts have also questioned the order. In a recent tweet, Michael Kugelman of the Wilson Center said that it is good that $3.5 billion in humanitarian aid for Afghanistan has been made available. However, he added that diverting the other $3.5 billion elsewhere is “misguided and quite frankly heartless.”

Afghanistan is believed to have around $9 billion of assets held overseas, including the $7 billion frozen in the US. The remaining $2 billion is held primarily in Germany, Switzerland, and the United Arab Emirates. No other nations have said that they will be diverting the Afghan assets.