Afghanistan Failure Demonstrates America’s Identity Crisis Hurts The World

If anyone is confused about what the United States has at the top of their priority, you should be confused no more. Just look at the importance of President Joe Biden and follow the trends of failure in the administration moving forward.

Black Lives Matter and Antifa called for justice for people killed by police, protection for transgender lives, and many other socially structured calls to action. Notice how quiet both groups have been? Not only has Black Lives Matter leadership been proven to be a fraud, but they are nowhere to be seen. So, what should America get from that? Should America think that Black Lives Matter is an election year organization, or should they be taken seriously?

The Democratic party isn’t the same Democratic party that existed years ago. The new radical party has grown to be weak. They pander to a small majority, and the rest of the followers sympathize with them. It’s not entirely negative that the Democratic party panders to small groups, but when they force the population at large to abide by policies and laws that are drafted for a small number of people. The same goes for the military. If new legislation is passed, women would be required to register for the draft and many women, even feminists, aren’t happy about it.

The world’s largest and most capable military has failed the Afghan people. The desire of the soldiers isn’t being heard as leadership hinders the soldier’s ability to rescue Afghans in Kabul, Afghanistan. The US federal government relies on a terrorist organization to help get Afghans and US civilians out of Afghanistan. It is unacceptable. The United States has controlled the country for the last 20 years. Why would Biden’s administration and the United States military coordinate with the Taliban?

Maybe Biden’s soft heart went out to another race in an attempt to bring a reality to Critical Race Theory? Maybe Biden thought he would come out of this and say, “we turned America around, we did it, we worked with the guys from another race,” but the “guys from another race” are raping and killing people. It’s despicable.

Or, it could be on purpose. Nobody has reported on the southern border since the withdrawal from Afghanistan. The Arizona election audit hasn’t concluded, and attention is diverted from anything else other than Afghanistan. Keep your eyes on what the media isn’t reporting on. Those are the real issues that Americans need to focus on to stay informed in our country.