After impeachment hearings, new polls show Democrats made severe miscalculation with 2020 implications


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After the impeachment hearings this month, Independent voters now overwhelmingly oppose the impeachment of President Donald Trump and his removal from office, suggesting that Democrat made a severe miscalculation in pursuing impeachment.

The new Emerson poll released Thursday found that support for impeachment has dropped, while opposition to impeachment has grown. In October, the poll found that Americans supported impeachment 48 percent to 43 percent — now they oppose impeachment, 44 percent to 43 percent.

But among Independent voters, however, there has been a massive opinion shift since the public hearings began earlier this month.

In October, the same Emerson poll found that Independent voters generally supported impeachment, 48 percent to 39 percent. Now, Independent voters overwhelmingly oppose impeachment, 49 percent to 34 percent, the poll found.

That means, in just one month, Independent voter sentiment has shifted 24 points, a substantial development indicating the shifting tides are no fluke.

Not only has impeachment support tanked, but voter approval of the president has risen, the Emerson poll found.

Now, a majority of registered voters approve of Trump, 48 percent to 47 percent. The same poll from last month showed Trump with a net-negative approval rating at just 43 percent approval.

Indeed, the Emerson poll is no fluke.

A Politico-Morning Consult Poll released earlier in the week similarly showed that Independent voter sentiment of the impeachment proceedings has swung double-digits in favor of the president.

The significance of the polling cannot be understated. If Independent voters continue to support Trump through the impeachment proceedings, it means that Trump may likely earn enough support to win re-election and possibly even flip the House back to Republican control.

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    • Unbiased, you say?? I got a call from an Oregon site asking me to answer their survey questions. Every single time I didn’t answer like a socialist, they repeated the question – over and over again. They reacted the same, even when I let them know that their statement was a lie and gave them the sources to prove it. After just over TWO HOURS of that person trying to get me to slip up on my replies, I hung up. I guess they did this with everyone who didn’t agree with them. As for surveys, I don’t believe any of them.

      What I believe is what everyone is saying – except one who wrote an editorial regarding the ‘brainwashed republicans’. Wow, what replies and articles he got. I didn’t know just how many folks in my county support the Promises-made, Promises-kept President Trump, but I’d guess it to be about 99.9% since only there seems to be only one in my county that we know about.


  1. My democratic friends are disgusted with what the House is doing, so I asked why haven’t they changed their party. The best answer I got was “I want to keep up with what the enemy is doing”, ranging from “I won’t be voting democrat” to “because I have always been a democrat” but NOT A SINGLE WORD in support of anything the democrats are doing. Face it, the Democratic party has the same goals as the American Socialist party and the American Communist party, so remaining a democrat is admitting you’re a socialist which is the most destructive thing our nation has ever faced.

    Why? Because there is no such thing as a Democratic Socialist nation. Bernie says to look at Sweden and Denmark. Those countries are actually more capitalist than America is. They tried socialism and it nearly bankrupted them. So in Sweden, they won’t over tax the revenue generating companies and high earners. Instead they tax those who earn less than $57,000 a year at 60%. Their services such as road maintenance, garbage collection, social security are all privatized. So when stocks are down, so is your retirement or disability pay. But you do get about 6 months maternity leave, though the average citizen cannot afford a decent car. Check it out. The ONLY countries that are socialist are financially bankrupt.

  2. These impeachment hearing ——–ARE SUCH A JOKE-AND WASTE OF TAX PAYERS MONEY——-!!!!!—-Why are the Democrats even in Office –they Sure are not doing there Job for which they were elected–to Do—THEY ALL NEED TO RESIGN AND GO AWAY INTO THE SUNSET—-We need our Government Back–to do what we elected them to do–!!!!!!!!!! To help run our Country————

  3. Independents AND Democrat voters are getting their eyes opened to what the leaders of the party are. The ordinary everyday voter of the Democrat party isn’t part of the conspiracy to bring down a President. We conservatives didn’t like Mr. Obama, but we still never pulled ANYTHING like the Dims are trying to pull! We still tried to treat him with respect. I fear that this whole mess is going to end up in an armed conflict. And, while Dims don’t know much about guns, that doesn’t mean that the UN can’t send in troops to help the Dims. But, God gave this country to a bunch of rabble rousing no names that honored Him, & acknowledge Him. IF we conservatives will do the same, He WILL come to our aid!

    • Speak for yourself when you say conservatives tried to treat Obama with respect. Within one week after he was sworn in, Obama had a meeting with congressional republicans and basically said F-you to them. After he won the election in November, 2008, Obama said he was going to stick it to the republicans. And he tried every chance he got. Once again Rush was right about the real Obama. If things do end up in another violent civil war, the UN troops are the last thing anyone has to fear. Ever check the UN’s record everytime they sent in troops to quell a conflict? It’s pretty dismal at best.

      • You are forgetting something and that is, as the casualty lists increase and the body bags start arriving in those foreign countries that send troops, one or two of the larger countries will make other countries increase the number of troops and all will start sending their “front line” troops. For most of the UN, presently, is made up of the scabs that no other army wants. This will increase the pressure on the Veterans we have that are our “front line” troops. It will turn into a very “hard slog” but in the end we will win (in the beginning easy, at the very end it will be a challenge). If Russia or China jumps in to tilt the balance, China may do more damage because of shear numbers. We may not have that many bombs or bullets for all of them. Watch what you wish for and go out and train.

  4. I have never been surprised about how low the democrats will go to win an election. The DNC of today is the American Communist Party of the 1980s that simply changed its name to the progressive movement of the DNC. First goal was to take over America’s education system starting with colleges and universities then K-12. The liberals now control what is taught in every school in the nation. Conservatives have been so late to realize what is happening and without Trump and true conservative Republicans the nation will not recover from the lies taught in our schools about socialism, communism and religion. Time for anyone who loves this nation, defends our constitution, and understands how dangerous the democrats and the far-left are to our children and our freedoms to stand up and fight at the ballot box and in the streets if needed. The left will use violence to make people do what they think is right; we know the truth and must fight back. I never will condone violence but if the left wants a fight we must stop them by using their own tactics. America must remain free!!!

  5. Why do we have to put up with such nonsense. The action of the DEMOCRATIC (COMMUNISTIC SOCIALIST; UNAMERICAN
    UNPATRIOTIC) people should be deported with the rest of the illegals. The actions
    Of the DEMOCRAZIES is proof of wide spread waste in the government. There actions would get them fired in any profitable company. We are making them rich just to screw us. They are trying to change this country to systems that work nowhere Nothing is free.

  6. 2 major problems we need to fix in the USA are 1) taking prayer out of schools and 2) we need to limit terms of senators, representatives and Supreme Court justices . This is only what bee need to do ASAP

  7. 2 major problems we need to fix in the USA are 1) taking prayer out of schools and 2) we need to limit terms of senators, representatives and Supreme Court justices . This is only what we need to do ASAP

  8. I’ve seen quite a few Democrats that are sick and tired of their party supporting illegals over their interests.Along with the fact that many of them were told by Obama and other leaders of the Party that their jobs were gone and that was that. They had better get used to it, and besides there are lots of Social Programs to help them out. Well they didn’t want handouts, they wanted to work and they wanted their Party to get them more jobs, but they were all going over seas and that was it. They were told to just deal with it.Then this upstart Trump came along and said not only would he get their jobs back, but he would make their life better. Obama made fun of him for that. “What are you going to do? Do you have a magic wand?” He just said “‘I’m going to negotiate a better deal” and the Dems all laughed! But what do you know? They are getting their jobs back, they are working, and their lives are better! This upstart has kept his promises, unlike any other President in modern history! And he puts Americans over illegals. And he puts Americans first when he negotiates a deal, just like he did with the USMCA, but you know what has happened to that? The Democrats have held it up in the House. They won’t vote to put it through. They are not putting Americans first, they are putting themselves first. Like so many of the say Trump is doing. But he isn’t even taking a salary. His net worth has gone down, since he became a public servant not up like Nanny Pelosi’s or Adam Schiff’s or Maxine Waters’ or Joe Biden’s! How does that happen? How do you become a millionaire on a salary of $170k per year? The tax returns to tell you that certainly aren’t President Trump’s. They might be Maxine Water’s. She lives in a $4Million dollar mansion OUTSIDE the district she represents! But I digress. What I really wanted to say was Democrats are leading you down the garden path, and it doesn’t end at a quaint little cottage. There is no country that socialism has made a better country, not one! Look it up if you don’t believe me.

    • The only reason she can run for that district is because the hag bought a small house in the district. No one even lives in it!!!! And yes, she does own a mansion in a nice part of Ca. And yes, she does have millions!!!!

  9. Yeah, SOCIALIST/COMMUNISTS aren’t too smart with a “woke” U.S. Populace! . . . I CAN’T wait until the 2020 elections when POTUS Trump is REELECTED and the MAJORITY of the DEMOCRATS are SWEPT from power (Plus, hopefully PRISON time for those guilty of SEDITION and TREASON such as for SCHIFF, Pelosi and Nadler, as well as others). We must keep what the DEMOCRATS were doing “FRONT and CENTER” to the attention of the U.S. Populace. People tend to have “short memories”. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  10. When republicans retakes the house, can all democrat leaders?? be replaced? Give them offices to suit their status. Pelosi gets a broom closet and Schiff’s new office would be an out house.

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