Almost Every American is Impacted By Biden’s Inflation

For over a year, inflation’s been turning the lives of Americans upside down. As prices rise, fewer people are able to easily pay their bills, feed their families, and stay out of debt.

For months on end, the Federal Reserve has been increasing interest rates, vowing this will bring down inflation rates. Yet, the inflation rate has been steadily growing, with the latest rate documented at 9.1%.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration maintains a longstanding pattern of denying the severity of inflation. First, the White House said inflation was just transitory and nothing to sweat over.

Next, the administration blamed the president of Russia before eventually pointing the finger at Republicans. Despite the shifting blame, inflation is not going away.

In fact, a new survey shows that just about every single American is feeling the sting of rising prices.

A Chilling Update on the Inflation Crisis
This week, YouGov and The Economist released a survey that truly captures inflation’s impact on the everyday American.

Per the findings, 95% of Americans confirmed experiencing the impacts of inflation in their personal lives to a minimal degree, at the very least. This applies across the political spectrum for 98% of GOP members, 94% of Democrats, and 95% of Independents.

Meanwhile, of the 95% of all Americans, 56% said they felt inflation “a lot” in their personal lives. This poll comes days after Joe Biden claimed that “zero percent” inflation was documented last month.

The president faced widespread backlash over this, with Americans accusing him of deliberately gaslighting the country.

The Worst Impact of Inflation
As prices grow across the board, one of the worst documented impacts of this is occurring in the food sector.

Multiple reports indicate that fewer Americans are shopping at grocery stores, instead going to dollar stores, due to lower food prices. Other reports claim US citizens have also started turning to Mexico for food.

Due to the Inflation Reduction Act recently passing in Congress, many Americans fear the costs of food and other supplies will continue to increase. Democrats, meanwhile, are hinting at more federal spending and tax hikes if they win the November midterms.