Amazon Declined Paid Advertising for Conservative Book

Amazon has made its position abundantly clear by declining to run ads for Matt Walsh’s book “What Is a Woman?.”

The Daily Wire reported that Amazon declined to run the ad because it contained “prohibited content.” This statement exposes a double standard in their advertising.

In an email to The Daily Wire, Amazon Advertiser Support said, “We don’t allow content that appears to infer or claim to diagnose, treat, reverse or question sexual orientation.”

But “What Is a Woman?” doesn’t deal with sexual orientation at all. The book focuses on the question asked in the title, what is a woman?

The Daily Wire reported that the book “chronicles Walsh’s efforts to find out how radical gender theory proponents answer the title question.”

While searching “gender identity” on Amazon’s vast library of books, you’ll find sponsored books that support the left’s gender ideology such as, “Gender Identity Workbook for Teens: Practical Exercises to NAvigate Your Exploration, Support Your Journey, and Celebrate Who You Are” and “You and Your Gender Identity: A Guide to Discovery.”

In the best sellers rank, “What is a Woman?” ranks 1,727 and holds a 4.9-star rating at the time of this writing, while “Gender Identity Workbook for Teens” ranks 21,449 and “You and Your Gender Identity” ranks 54,474.

Encouraging teenagers to question their gender by only giving them one viewpoint to choose from is a dangerous game that Amazon is playing. Without another voice of reason, like in Walsh’s book, impressionable teenagers could fall prey to the left’s messaging without ever having the opportunity to hear an opposing view.

A New York woman who has a child that identifies as trans, said, “I once thought Amazon was the greatest marketplace of ideas; now it seems it’s just a marketplace — one of constant consumerism and activist dictates. It’s a sad day for books and an even sadder day for reason.”

She added, “If more young girls were asked this question before they cut off their breasts, perhaps we would have fewer vulnerable kids with lifelong regret. Don’t they deserve protection? Don’t they deserve critical inquiry? Don’t they deserve to ask, ‘What is a woman?’”

It’s not clear if Amazon will reverse the decision and allow Walsh’s book to be advertised. But, at the time of this report, Amazon hasn’t responded to The Daily Wire to comment on their decision, and there have been no indications that they intend to do so.