American Public Opposed To Biden Balloon Response

The Biden Administration underwent a major test over the last several weeks in handling the Chinese spy balloon. According to recent polling, most Americans believe that the White House failed that test.

The balloon was shot down over the Atlantic Ocean last week, allowing for more perspective on the Chinese spy effort.

Now that the balloon is down, Americans are weighing in. The polling shows that most Americans disagree with how the president handled the situation.

A recent Trafalgar poll showed just how unpopular the White House’s approach was.

When asked about the administration’s approach, most Americans believe that the president either mishandled the situation or should have dealt with the balloon sooner. The polling found that almost 35% of Americans believe that the balloon should not have made it all the way to the Atlantic Ocean prior to being shot down. Almost 30% additionally believe that the balloon issue was mishandled.

Furthermore, another question asked Americans about the role of President Biden’s timing. A clear majority, almost 60%, believed that the White House should have shot down the balloon sooner.

Another question asked about how the United States is seen around the world after the balloon incident. Similar to the last question, nearly 60% said that it made America look weak. Only 10% of the public believed that Biden’s response made the country look strong.

The White House’s response to the Chinese spy effort underscores serious concerns about perceived American weakness. The difficult withdrawal from Afghanistan and potential weakness against China are the two major foreign policy elements of the Biden White House.

Since the discovery of the first Chinese spy balloon, others have been discovered. In addition, it has since been revealed that the balloon shot down off the coast of South Carolina previously flew over sensitive American nuclear and military sites.

The Biden Administration believes that it disabled the balloon’s efforts to collect data, but it is unclear when this occurred.

The Biden Administration is on notice from the general public over its handling of the balloon. Its next effort will include the valuable information gained from this experience.