Americans Slam Biden’s Lies About Gas Prices

It is an undeniable fact that since Joe Biden got into the White House, gas prices have soared astronomically.

As much as the Biden administration wants to pretend otherwise, the current rise in prices is a result of the president driving up inflation and sabotaging the domestic energy industry.

Recently, Biden tried to get OPEC+ to run cover for him. He asked member nations to hold off on lowering their oil production until after America’s November midterms were finished.

OPEC+ told Biden to take a hike. Later, Saudi Arabia put out a statement blasting the US president.

Earlier this week, Biden stood before the country and spoke about where gas prices are today, along with where they were when he first got into office.

Americans are now pushing back against him with full force.

Shattering Biden’s Myth About Gas Prices
While speaking at a New York community college, Biden lied through his teeth about gas prices.

He claimed that upon coming into office last January, gas prices were more than $5.00 per gallon. Biden then followed this up with another lie, alleging that he’s reduced gas prices to an average rate of $3.39.

These claims are just not accurate. In fact, there’s so much data to prove Biden is lying that many people are wondering why he bothered in the first place.

Republican lawmakers, officials, and conservatives in general took to social media to set the record straight. They noted the average price of gas was actually $2.39 per gallon when Biden first took over.

Other Americans warned the president was lying to try to help his party ahead of the midterms. Currently, the majority of polls in multiple states show Republicans gaining steam in House, Senate, and even governors races.

On all fronts and in multiple communities, Americans are rejecting the radically left-wing agenda that Biden aims to impose.

Radio Silence From Fact-checkers
All too often, fact-checkers rush to call out what they claim to be “misinformation” from conservatives. Though there’s been no such fact-checking of Biden making objectively false statements about the prices of gas.

If Republicans take back control of Congress, this will put the nation on track to lower gas costs. Though for the president to pretend that he’s done any favors for Americans at the pumps is an insult.