America’s Economy Is Truly Heading Off A Cliff

The White House consistently demonstrates its refusal to be honest about the current status of the economy. After the gross domestic product (GDP) rate sunk for two quarters in a row, the Biden administration tried to change the definition of a recession.

Amid rising consumer costs, the president and his team downplayed inflation and said everything would be fine. As Americans are getting laid off from their jobs, the White House is claiming “ten thousand million” employment opportunities are being created by the current president.

While the Biden administration continues gaslighting the country about where the economy truly stands, new data proves the economy is even worse off than anyone really anticipated.

The Truth About Today’s Economy
New information from the Commerce Department reveals fresh updates to GDP and gross domestic income (GDI) rates. During 2022’s first quarter, the GDI was logged at 0.8% growth. Though by the time the second quarter rolled around, the GDI only rose by 0.1%.

Similarly to the GDP rate, the GDI rate significantly determines how the overall economy is doing. This major decline in growth between the first and second quarters of this year tracks with the rise of inflation, however.

Polls and other economic data show that pluralities of Americans aren’t seeing their wages keep up with inflation. In fact, some people’s wages are greatly declining as they’re getting less hours at work or being furloughed by employers wanting to shield their bottom lines.

Ultimately, the Biden administration negatively contributed to inflation, the GPD, and the GDI rates by passing ridiculous spending bills. The very legislation that was supposed to help the economy heal is actually bringing the economy to its knees.

Though if you let Biden and his handlers tell it, the economy is doing beautifully.

Bringing the Economy Back From the Cliff
If the nation continues to be force-fed bad policies, our economy will keep getting worse. The only way to reverse course is to change the policies being passed into law and undo the damage from bills already decreed.

Biden and the Democrats in Congress will not willingly do this. Democrats have been clear that if they hold onto power in the House and Senate, they’ll continue to approve Biden’s wishlists and pass increasingly radical legislation.

This is all the more reason for people to turn out in droves this November to elect and reelect America First patriots.