Another Shanghai Lockdown Put in Place

Much of the world has moved beyond lockdowns, opting to pull back measures that restrict people’s movements and abilities to live out their lives. The shift away from heavy COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions came after grassroots efforts to end these measures.

However, in some parts of the world, shutdowns and restrictive measures still persist. China is one prominent example of this. In fact, the nation’s policies involving COVID-19 even maintain international impacts on the global supply chain.

Now, Shanghai, China has put through yet another lockdown, this time to get ahold of a new COVID-19 flare-up.

What to Know About Shanghai’s Lockdown
Across Shanghai’s 16 residential districts, nine of them were put on a 72-hour shutdown that started on Tuesday, July 5. The purpose of this lockdown was to allow the Shanghai government to conduct COVID-19 tests on members of the community.

This stands as the government’s way of ultimately locating who has COVID-19 and who may be responsible for the virus flare-up that traces back to a karaoke bar.

According to Shanghai officials, anyone in the affected nine districts who wants to exit their home is mandated to supply a COVID-19 test taken within the past 48 hours.

The government has also been clear that every single individual and household in the nine districts will be subjected to COVID-19 testing.

Despite the strict measures that Shanghai has consistently put in place, the community still isn’t completely immune to this virus. Just earlier this week alone, multiple COVID-19 cases were traced back to places of heavy quarantine.

To this day, the people of Shanghai continue to live under a heavy-handed government that shows no signs of easing off restrictions anytime soon. In order for Shanghai residents to use public transportation or enter environments like shopping centers, they have to produce COVID-19 tests that are no older than 72 hours.

Pushback From the World Health Organization
China’s COVID-19 policies are so strict that even the World Health Organization (WHO) isn’t on board with them. The mitigation strategies put in place by communist China have been cited as not feasible by WHO.

In retaliation against this judgment, the Chinese government cracked down on access that its residents will have to statements from WHO. All things considered, the people of Shanghai will likely be under very tight COVID-19 restrictions for quite some time.