AOC Completely Misses the Point Again

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green (R-GA) recently remarked on the current controversy over the definition of the word “woman.” The focus on the word came from an exchange between now confirmed Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson and Senator Marsha Blackburn, where Brown was asked if she could define what a woman is.

Recently, Marjorie Taylor Greene elected to use a biblical definition which predictably resulted in a meltdown from AOC.

I am an amateur on the Bible but almost no theologian interprets the text to justify treating women as chattel. As for being the weaker sex, statistically woman on average have less physical strength than men, which is scientifically proven and obvious to any person that views reality objectively.

As for who menstruates, you do not need to look at what people say about themselves or how they define their sexuality. Someone who is born a biological female and attains normal puberty menstruates. These things are objectively true. But the left is not interested in objective truth.

The left is interested in changing the rules of the game so they can win. If they can make the debate about biological males competing in women’s sports, then they can position themselves on the moral high ground as defenders of equity for all.

It is not up for debate. Allowing biological males to compete in women’s sports is anti-woman. When Marjorie Taylor Greene uses a traditional view of gender, which has existed for the last 2,000 years it is a much more valid description of reality than AOC’s.

That is why Congresswoman Greene must be attacked. If people agree with her traditional definition, the left loses. Either the left loses in their quest to ignore reality, or the country disintegrates. Some would argue that destroying the country has been the left’s goal all along.