AP Stylebook Bans Use Of The Phrase ‘Late-Term Abortion’

Is the English language being redefined by the American establishment yet again?

Many of our readers likely remember when the definition of ‘vaccine’ was changed by Merriam-Webster in order to remove the idea of ‘immunity’ from the equation. USA Today “Fact-check[ed]” this obvious reality, claiming that simply noticing the change in language is somehow, “missing context.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention similarly changed the term’s meaning.

Now, the newly announced Associated Press Stylebook has announced a ban on the use of the phrase “late-term abortion.”

“Do not use the term ‘late-term abortion.’ The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists defines late term as 41 weeks through 41 weeks and 6 days of gestation, and abortion does not happen in this period,” the official AP stylebook account posted online.

“Instead, use the term ‘abortion later in pregnancy’ if a general term is needed, but be aware that there are varying definitions of the time period involved,” continued the organization. “Be specific when possible.”

AP was attacked online for what many consider to be a politicization of speech.

“‘Late-term abortion’ is too aggressive a way to describe stabbing a viable unborn baby in the heart with a needle containing potassium chloride & delivering its lifeless corpse. The absolute ghouls populating our elite class traffic in euphemism because they have nothing else,” read one reaction.

“People are sensitive about abortion because, generally, they prefer to pretend it doesn’t involve killing a human. Much less a baby,” commented another critic.

“Call it crushing a baby’s skull and tearing it limb from limb,” wrote another detractor.

It is no secret that the topic of abortion is often politically charged, especially as it pertains to much of the language used when discussing the subject. The World Health Organization, for instance, casually describes abortion as a “common health intervention.” The group also included “Comprehensive abortion care” in its list of essential healthcare services in 2020, notably referring to stakeholders in the matter as “pregnant person[s].”

Blaze Media shared a video discussing myths surrounding late-term abortion in depth: