Arizona Senator Mark Kelly Runs Election Ad Calling White Men America’s Greatest Domestic Terrorist Group

The re-election campaign of Sen. Mark Kelly (D-AZ) has begun producing ads for next year’s election. In one of the campaign’s early ads, a woman is spotlighted who says that white men are the “single greatest” American “domestic terrorist group.”

The ad was produced by Advancing Arizona, a political group supporting Kelly’s campaign. The ad star is Dr. Cadey Harrel, who has praised Kelly for “delivering lower premiums” for health insurance for state residents. She is the founder of the Arizona nonprofit organization Agave Community Health and Wellness.

In the ad, Harrel said that Kelly has fought to bring down the cost of prescription drugs and that reducing costs can “change or even save” the lives of medical patients. She added that Kelly “stands for us.”

Harrel’s Twitter account has now been changed to “protected” status. Before it was taken private, it indicated Harrel’s support for BLM and the LGBTQ community. She also tweeted in response to the riot at the Capitol on January 6 that American white men are a “domestic terrorist” group.

She also posted a tweet that said Republican Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has “blood on his hands” due to “negligence” in handling the COVID-19 pandemic. She added that she believes he will not be held accountable because of his white male “status.”

Kelly faces a brutal re-election fight in Arizona, now considered a “purple” state evenly divided between Republicans and Democrats. The state is generally conservative but went slightly in favor of Joe Biden in last year’s presidential election. Kelly has attempted to present himself as a centrist or moderate, although he has essentially endorsed all of the Biden administration’s extreme left progressive agenda.

Kelly’s posture toward the Biden administration presents a significant contrast with his fellow Democratic Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema, who stands as one of the final hurdles for Biden’s “Build Back Better” massive spending bill currently being negotiated.