Army Penalizing Soldiers That Seek Religious Exemption For Vaccine Mandate

The U.S. Army is reportedly subjecting unvaccinated soldiers to punishments based on their vaccination status, a move that many active-duty servicemen believe to be a strategy meant to force them to abandon their “deeply held religious beliefs.”

According to Fox News, those punishments include, “prohibiting off-base travel, halting promotions, and enforcing involuntary terminations from the service.”

This tweet describes the ineffectiveness of the vaccine mandate instituted by the Biden administration on all military personnel. Those that were not vaccinated by June 30 were officially going against the government mandate.

According to the Army’s publicly accessible coronavirus statistics, 4,664 active-duty soldiers requested a religious exemption to the vaccine mandate. At the time of this writing, only 44 have been granted.

There are numerous examples of high-ranking, experienced officers being penalized in different ways because of their unwillingness to be vaccinated.

A current major in Army Special Operations who was deployed in Afghanistan during the Biden Administration’s botched exit said, “What [the Army] is doing, it’s a technique of coercion to stall people’s careers, to force voluntary retirements, voluntary exits. In my case, I could be a year behind my peers, and that will have devastating results when it comes to my next promotion.”

Another service member who has been in the Army for 10 years told Fox News that being unvaccinated has cost him promotion opportunities. “I haven’t been made a platoon leader, and all my peers have, and I also have missed three training events that required travel. The extended period has caused a lot of uncertainty in my own life and my family’s life. I’m married with three kids. And so I don’t know if I’m going to have a job in a year, despite having served for 10 years already.”

Recently Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX), Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT), and Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA) joined 48 of their colleagues in demanding “the Army immediately stop unfairly restricting unvaccinated soldiers from official travel and denying them vital career opportunities.”

A statement from Roy’s website states, “Rep. Roy and his colleagues warned the Army against further damaging its recruiting efforts and military readiness by continuing their “political maneuvering.”