ARREST HIM NOW! Vindman CONFESSES His Role In Coup Against President Trump


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Jim Hoft from The Gateway Pundit reports, Vindman went rogue- Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman told Adam Schiff during his testimony on Tuesday that he went around his chain of command to undermine the Trump administration.
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        • he is not a russian spy, he is rotten mole for shiff and his surroundings and he deserve to be prosecuted, also for now military will keep him away from DC, but his time will come. He is so stupid if he think shiff will bail him out. In fact I bthink he is a real whistleblower’

          • I agree with you sv, the first time I saw and started talking I told some that he is the whistleblower .
            He need to be removed from the military , he’s a disgrace !

      • He needs to be brought down ..he leaked lies against President Trump..arrest him for lies and corruption against the United States..kick hom out of office..he’s guilty as sin..
        Lock him up..lock all the liars up even Schiffy and Puke face Nancy Pelosi ..including Shummnar..evilness they are..lies lies and more lies..

      • Vindman is the person who told the whistleblower and gave him details of the call. Of course these details were filtered through his Outlook, Vindmans own opinion. Remember during the Democrat Inquisition on Tuesday this week it came out that Vindman thinks, when President Trump asked the Ukrainian President for a favor, that it was actually a demand. Thus Vindman went off “half hinged” to his brother and several others to tell them what he had heard. Since he knows this Eric Ciaramella, it was Eric, apparently a CIA analyst, that contacted Adam Schiff. Adam seeking some separation, for legal safety, told him to talk to a member of his office staff. Now the only ROCK not unturned in this is WHO actually Eric talked with on Adams staff. Once Adam Schiff found out what Eric had, Instructions were relayed from Adam to that staff member on how Eric should proceed with filing the complaint. Adam Schiff has known all along the identity of the CIA whistleblower.

        • Can anyone say Coaching the Witness -!!!!!!!!!

          No I do NOT believe Vindman was an actual spy – maybe a wanna-be, but not an actual spy. I believe he does love the US but that is from the Democratic view point.

        • I am U.S. Navy Veteran (20 years active service mostly away from my family because of overseas conflict) and I am disgusted with Mr. Vindman. He is a disgrace to his uniform. He perjured himself when his counsel asked Adam Schiff to intervene at Congressman Jordan leading question to the whistleblower. It is a shame to show up in uniform and then commit perjury.

    • Looks like all “witnesses” are trying to protect their own 6 o’lock parts at this point, hopefully a sign of progress in bringing down the Dimocrat coup attempt. LCOL Vindman wants to get out alive. It will be nice when the Congress can get back to serving it’s purpose.

      • I don’t think the democratic majority of congress knows how to anything but try to take the president down. They are notorious for getting nothing done during their term, blaming it on a republican and then demanding another term to try again.

    • He’s actually a socialist (communist wannabe like the economic ’obamination’ we suffered through) democratic. We owe Russia a sincere apology for even thinking Russia would put up with that slime ball.

    • I guess it would b futile to send Buck Private Vindman to the most Northern satellite radar outpost in Alaska to monitor Solvet Air activity?

  1. Don’t stop with just him, you have a whole room full of DEMOCOMMUNIST TRAITORS.
    Arrest them all, and shove them in a cell to await their trials for sedition and TREASON.
    This taxpayer-money-wasting democommunist “temper tantrum” charade has gone on for far too long

    • I so agree with you Cliff. This whole circus run by a Nazi dictator needs to come to a stop and people need to be prosecuted for all their lying and betrayal to the American people,

    • All the pos that are trying to take down our great president Trump need to be hung for treason. Starting with Pelosi schiff nedler Obama hillary and the list goes on and on.



    • I agree and start with Obama, Eric Holder, Bill and Hillary Clinton and Schiff. Long time ago they hung those that committed Treason, and the talk and a good place was from the highest mast on the Enterprise, in the old rocks and shoals U.S. Navy. Their money keeps them out of JUSTICE being performed.

      • You guys are all bloodthirsty nut jobs. And you think we want thugs like you in charge? NO THANKS!!!
        These people appear to the vast majority of Americans as patriots, with high degrees of credibility, coming forward to report the underhanded, criminal activity of Trump and his ghost diplomats, trying to cut back room “favor” deals with Zelensky, for Trump’s personal benefit, while holding back the aid, and later the Javelin sale, and the White House meeting Zelensky wanted.
        It is SO CLEAR, and SO OBVIOUS, what is going on in the transcript, anyone with half a brain who reads can see it for what it IS!!!!!!! Maybe that half a brain thing is why the Trumpkins can’t see and hear it for themselves, and just deny, deny, deny what their lying eyes are telling them…… tsk, tsk, tsk, sad.

        • Really? Maybe you should take your own advice. Half a brain? No, we Trump supporters have a fully functional reasoning and able to see beyond the BS that Adam Schiffless and his group are trying to push. If you want dictatorship, socialism and communism take it to another country that is failing in that. Pay attention and you might learn something.

        • You are blind and only believe the lies being told by the MSM and your socialistic heroes. From all the testimonies thus far, it’s obvious that the Democrats have not one shred of evidence of any wrong doing by President Trump. How he executes policy and how it makes liberals feel is not a crime, IT’S HIS JOB!

  2. First time I saw this snake I said that guy doesn’t looks like the uniform he is wearing as he slithered into the chamber to testify! He has proven he is not what he once was it seems! I think those that say he is a Russian spy are correct!

    • I agree did not like him when I first saw him. Now I have to agree with you all. He is a spy and needs to be arrested a d charged with Treason. He is not the whistleblower he likes the attention. But he knows the whistleblower and fed him info.

  3. We, the people (Voters) will eventually decide; and for the DEMO’s/Libs/Fake News the outcome will not be pretty. POTUS Trump in 2020 by a Landslide…………

    • Just so you know, it has been uncovered that the owner of the voting machines in 5 States has been caught
      using software written in the EU to manipulate the outcome of elections. This is most prominent in the Kentucky and Louisiana elections.We are still waiting for the reams of information to nail down all the participants but to date there are at least 14.

    • Still, we cannot be slack in our responsibility to inform others. I have a couple of friends who say they have been democratic all their life, so one remains a registered democratic ‘to know what the enemy is doing ‘ and the other, who has shown everyone for years that she isn’t the brightest light on the block, will vote democratic for that reason. MADNESS!!! History to date clearly shows that the Democratic Party has been the greatest evil America ever had, yet- like Satan, they still exist.

  4. I do think this is a coup against a duly elected president. It reminds me of a bunch of demon children who didn’t get their way and are determined to make life as hard as they can for him and dig up a way to get rid of him by any means possible! Guantanamo Bay might be a good holding cell seeing they enjoy each other’s company so much!

  5. He should be court marshalled for trying to undermine the commander in chief. His actions were treasonous and he should be jailed for treason…

    • The problem here is the Congress hasn’t done their job in many, many, years. It’s time for these Do Nothing Imbicles are sent you the Unemployment lines, starting with their Wicked Do Nothing Leader Nancy “ I’m Drunk Again” Peloser.

    • Hi, There is this: from the Bible – Matthew 7: 1-3 Do remember, ALL will stand before God. Those who get themselves squared with HIM here, get to live forever. Those, who dont,,,,,,,,go to eternal prison, called Hell.

  6. Yes vindam is a traitor to his country and the uniform he was wearing, distroyed his oath to the army and the officers core he elected to become part of it, yes he had, i said had a commendable service record , but just winning a purple heart does not mean he is a saint. a purple heart only means you were injured or shot either in combat or from artillery explosion , it is just a medal a service gives to a man or woman for being injured , he is a disgrased to the oath he took to become an officer in the united states army, even a private has to take the oath before entering and or being allowed to enter the service. when you become an nco like i was the oath took a different pledge. and the responsibility that came with it. vindam schould be charged with treason and dishornably discharged and or sent to prison, seeing as how we dont hang anyone anymore.

  7. Is Vindman the whistleblower? I agree he and Nancy and Schiff all need to be dismissed from their jobs. Look at the money tax payer citizens have paid them. They’re a disgrace to our great country.

  8. It is now become the only democrat to be trusted is dead they want to take over the world with what there doing to our president we need to male all democrats trusted!!!!

  9. I am so sick and tired that these people in congress who are waisting our money on a bunch of hearsay and destroying our democracy. More proof. Just look at California Democratic policy’s This is discusting


  11. Finally – obozo is directly connected to the grand prize in the rape – pilfering and looting of ukraine…
    They all had a hand in it and are guilty even judges but mostly the lawyers that set it up….
    F**k the dems and their BS……WE THE PEOPLE must invoke Article lll section 3 and deal with these traitors…..Article lll section 1 to deal with judicial tyranny…
    The founding fathers were a lot smarter than ya think……THEY wrote it into the constitution over 200 years ago…..
    Still waiting and needing an investigation into Vindman and his leaks to the leakers….He’s a disgrace and a traitor.

  12. Schiff has been conflating what Sondland said was a legal quid pro quo of PR meaning a meeting with the President in the Oval Office for a statement about investigating corruption in Ukraine, with the President holding up aid.
    Notice that Schiff never clarified this in his questions to the witnesses because he wants to continue to say the requests were in exchange for aid. That is still a total fabrication. It’s amazing how most of these diplomats are clueless gossips -what a waste of money. They don’t know anything about the politics of Ukraine. The history of their relationship with Russia was all about the Russians cutting off the pipeline for the heat there in the winter. Ukraine, Germany and other countries in that area currently depend on Russia for gas. They need fracking technology.

  13. Vindman is a traitor and should be charged as such he went behind his Commander in Cheif who is also the President of the United States of America he is also guilty of helping to overthrow the duly elected President that is also treason and should be in a military Jail

  14. Treason brings a penalty of death by firing squad I haven’t herd anything about this
    Lt. Col. Vindman as of yet I know he testified before congress in the fake impeachment of POTUS I refuse to watch the shifty clown show I just hope I G Barr gets finished with the investigation very soon and brings out all these bombshells as we’ve been told are coming SEMPER FI. USMC for TRUMP 2020

  15. He is a disgrace to the uniform and should read up on the rules of military justice. You can not say any discouraging words about the Commander and Chief when you are in the military this a treasonous offense, punishable with prison term.

  16. Why is it that ‘conservative’ bloggers find it necessary to abuse those they disagree with? Insulting them, questioning their patriotism, slur and innuendo, all with no evidence.
    As an immigrant myself, I resent the idea being floated that this calls my loyalty and devotion to the USA into question. Surely we can disagree and still respect the others point of view. As has been said before, “I may not agree with you, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”
    Lt. Col. Vindeman is a true patriot, deserving of respect both physically, morally and intellectually. He shows us the best side of America.

  17. the man is a disgrace to the uniform,he has the nerve to wear. my father gave his life wearing that uniform .this lying traitor should be thrown out, and stripped out of the uniform he has the nerve to wear, I hope his commanding officer makes his dismissal PUBLIC.

  18. Many remarks, I don’t understand that so many people were able to listen in on the Pres telephone calls. Better control on communication is needed. Just a few top level,

  19. This over weight P.O.S. Vindman should be placed in hand cuffs court-martialed stripped of his rank and all medals insignias fined and sentenced to ft. Levinsworth ,Ks. for life at hard labor and no money for his kids or spouse he disobeyed orders and the chain of command this pos is a Russian.

  20. How in the hell could this low life ever progress up thru the ranks of the military..just watch him speak and you can immediately tell he is lying..he is a spy, a plant of Russia and the Deomcrats…he should be arrested , tried and shot..

  21. The Last time I looked at the world map Ukraine and Kiyev were still in russia so that means it’s full of Russian people. and with that it’s very possible that’s were the Russian hacking took place no mater what ole schifty says

  22. I think they should start from the head get Obama Biden Clinton all the top dogs to think there’s they can get away with murder and shift and then when you read VindmanAt the Molly thinks daddy Thanks of him now.

  23. Hello? Is anybody aware that Vindman was born in Ukraine? If that isn’t a conflict I don’t know what is? Can anyone say double agent. How about spynagainst the USA ? UNREAL

  24. There never was a Whistle Blower! The Commie Dems made it all up as a “Stalling” devise! Everyone of them should be hanged for what they have done to our wonderful president and to this nation!Just ignore these dirty, hateful ,lying, murdering dirty bastards!

  25. What a bunch of vile armchair twats posing as patriots! How many of you have shed blood in the defense of your country? LTC Vindman’s chest full of medals, including four overseas service medals and a purple heart, is proof enough of his dedication to the United States.

    • You are absolutely right, Juan. The Trump cultists who infest this site are crippled by their blind loyalty to their Dear Leader.
      He is selling them out to Putin right now and they are too ignorant to see it. They spend hours everyday watching the liars at Fox So-Called News and this is their only source of information. They are going to lose their minds when the Dems take the White House in 2020!

  26. Vindman Wore the uniform to look like a hero. What a fake. He is a lazy lowlife. People who worked with him said he was a creep and they wanted him gone. What is next for the WHISTLEBLOWER ( SHIFF) and Braindead Nancy? They should be billed for the millions they wasted on this CIRCUS. I’m tired of their lies.

  27. Vindman and ALL other “Deep State” agents who colluded with devil Adam Schiff should be fired from their cushy civil service jobs, and send to jail for perjury.

  28. Hey, Jocko Vindman, I was in U.S. military and as a serviceman, Your SORRY AZZ. SOILED THAT UNIFORM.



  29. I don’t know about everyone posting here but I’m fed up with the democrats constant unfounded attacks against our President, they haven’t given him a moments rest since he won the election! Pardon the pun, nothing but trumped up charges backed up with lie after lie!!!

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    • IMPEACH the crooked corrupt Demented Donald now! He is Putin’s puppet: when Vlad sez, “scratch my itch,” Demented Donald sez, “which nut, boss? left or right?”

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