Baby Formula Shortages Have Triggered a State of Emergency in New York City

At this point in time, most Americans are well aware of ongoing baby formula shortages in the United States. These shortages have sent parents spiraling as they try to find the formula their infants depend upon.

Unfortunately, in light of these shortages, there are multiple reports of infants being rushed to hospitals after falling ill. Naturally, this has turned attention to the Biden administration, with people calling for real and immediate action.

Over the weekend, multiple planes of baby formula arrived in the United States from Europe. This formula is supposed to be on shelves within a matter of days. However, even with these arrivals, Americans aren’t completely out of the woods.

In fact, in the case of New York City, matters are so dire that a state of emergency has been declared.

New Changes Sweeping the Empire State
On Sunday, Mayor Eric Adams (D) officially implemented a state of emergency. This is coincidentally the same day that Europe’s shipment of baby formula landed on American soil.

According to the NYC mayor, the state of emergency will work to prevent any price gouging of baby formula once it becomes available. Adams also mentioned that New York City stands with families and mothers who are having a hard time because of these shortages.

New Yorkers who believe they have been subjected to baby formula price gouging are also encouraged to contact the New York City Department of Consumer and Worker Protection on its official website.

Price Gouging Debates
Amid various shortages and economic complications across the country, Democrats have accused companies of price gouging. However, many companies are pushing back against this.

With supplies, inventory, and other business expenses getting higher, companies aren’t escaping the raised rates. As a result of this, these suppliers are naturally increasing their costs to avoid getting priced out of the market.

The Long-term Solution to Baby Formula Shortages
The recent shipments from Europe will certainly provide relief to families and infants who need baby formula right now.

However, in the long term, additional suppliers of baby formula are going to be needed. The current hold-up is due to the FDA’s shutdown of Abbott Nutrition’s manufacturing facility.

This shutdown took place after multiple babies who consumed formula from the facility caught bacteria infections; some of the babies who fell sick even passed away.

In the long term, having more than one baby formula supplier will help prevent mass shortages, in the event that one company runs into future issues.