Biden Administration Meets With Corporate Media In Secret To Soften Coverage Of Economic Crisis

New reporting indicates that the Biden White House had organized secret meetings with leaders in the corporate media to massage the news of the ongoing economic crisis affecting the country to favor the administration.

CNN’s “reliable sources” website published a report by Oliver Darcy on Monday that shows the Biden administration has not been pleased with the corporate media lately on economic matters. As the country faces increasing inflation, continuing supply chain slowdowns, and concerning jobs reports, the White House expects more friendly coverage to help its publicity mission.

Recent polls show that Americans of all political persuasions are becoming more concerned about economic news’s trouble and uncertainty. Voters appear to be more likely to consider economic issues when deciding how to vote in next year’s critical midterm elections.

Darcy says several White House officials were “briefing” media outlets last week. He reports that they have discussed “trends about job creation, economic growth, supply chains, and more.” The administration argues that the national economy is somehow in “much better shape” than at this time last year.

The report indicates that the media outlets have been enthusiastically listening to Biden’s messengers, and the discussions have been “productive,” with mainline reporters and anchors talking directly with them.

Commentator Michael Malice reacted to the Darcy report on Twitter with some sarcastic imitation: “It’s not a conspiracy theory if we admit to it!”

Everyone knows that the establishment’s corporate media covers news stories favorable to the Biden White House and the Democratic Party. Increasingly bad economic news forces the media to reveal itself even more as a virtual public relations extension office for Joe Biden.

Large networks are already running stories and opinion pieces that tell Americans they should curtail shopping and “lower expectations” to help deflect blame away from the administration regarding supply chain bottlenecks.