Biden Administration ‘Will Not Commit’ To Following Law Regarding Congressional Approval Of Iran Nuclear Deal

Joe Biden will not commit to complying with federal law that requires any renewed Iranian nuclear deal his administration reaches be submitted to Congress for approval.

It appears that the White House is prepared to enter a new agreement with the Iranian regime that will remove all economic sanctions essentially and provide billions of dollars worth of cash influx. Meanwhile, the State Department refuses to say if the deal will be sent to Congress for review and approval.

The Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act (INARA) of 2015 was enacted during the Obama Administration following the execution of the original Iran nuclear deal without congressional approval. That law requires any renewed Iranian agreement to be submitted to the Senate before becoming official US policy.

A spokesperson for the State Department told the Washington Free Beacon this week that the Administration will “carefully consider the facts and circumstances” to determine if it must comply with the INARA.

According to the INARA, 33 Republican senators sent a letter to the White House earlier demanding that any new Iranian agreement be presented to the Senate. The senators promised they would block any agreement that includes comprehensive sanctions relief in the letter.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) led the GOP senators to sign the letter. His spokesman said the letter was sent if the President has “forgotten basic processes of constitutional and legal mandates.” According to the INARA, Cruz believes there is a bipartisan expectation that the administration must submit a new agreement for approval.

The dispute over how or whether the State Department complies with the law could destroy any new nuclear deal before it goes into effect. If Congress disapproves of Biden’s promises regarding sanctions relief, the terrorism-sponsoring nation will undoubtedly continue with its nuclear program. Intelligence reports indicate that Iran is nearing production levels of nuclear material sufficient to manufacture a deployable weapon.

Biden’s Iran envoy Robert Malley said that the Administration is “deeply committed” to brief Congress in a bipartisan manner.

Whether claims of high levels of “briefing” are designed to create a narrative that the INARA has been complied with, although no submission for a confirmation is made remains to be seen.