Biden And Democrats Begin ‘Major Shift’ In COVID Narrative

Last week, Joe Biden set the tone before flying out for a New Year’s vacation in Delaware for a shift in the administration’s COVID-19 narrative. Suddenly, the White House is changing its media approach regarding the dangers of the virus. Biden’s chief of staff retweeted Chris Hayes of MSNBC that the Omicron variant affects vaccinated persons like the flu, and Americans do not need to change their lives to adapt.

Even Dr. Anthony Fauci hinted last week that the statistics regarding children requiring hospitalization because of COVID are unreliable. When the actual situation is examined, he said that many children are hospitalized “with” COVID, rather than “because of” COVID. He admitted that when a child is admitted to a hospital, they are automatically tested and counted as a “COVID-hospitalized” person. Fauci admitted that the process is leading to over-counting hospitalizations.

This sort of admission goes back to April 2020, when the Illinois Public Health Director said that many deaths were being counted as COVID deaths, even when the virus was not the cause of death. For some reason, the administration is beginning to massage its messaging to admit the over-counting.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) asked on Twitter whether the narrative change resulted from “pandemic politics” taking a turn on Biden.

Biden has now admitted that there is no federal solution to the pandemic, and it must be handled at the state and local levels. That comes after his campaign blustering in 2020 that he was going to “shut down the virus.”

The question now becomes what the administration will do as this year begins. Whether the latest shift is setting the table for a new approach to the midterm elections or is a fundamental change, the effect on the credibility of Democrats is going to be damaging. The focus will inevitably turn to the Republicans and whether they can take advantage of the opportunity to present voters with the truth.