Biden and Harris Are in Real Danger

When Democrats voted Joe Biden and Kamala Harris into the White House, they did so with various expectations in mind.

For starters, the current president and vice president were expected to keep the promises they made. Some examples include ending student loan debt, curing cancer and making people’s problems vanish with the government.

Biden and Harris have not kept their promises to their base. However, the actions of the Biden administration and Democratic members of Congress have caused everyone, including the Biden-Harris base, to spend much more money on everyday essentials.

As all this plays out, American Thinker warns that Biden’s handlers are steadily working to have him and Harris kicked out of power.

The Strongest Warning Sign to Date

As the approval ratings of Biden are generally below 40%, Harris isn’t too far beyond. Meanwhile, as the president’s low popularity continues to decline, the New York Times has finally decided to come clean and admit that reports about Hunter Biden’s laptop are, in fact, real.

This is a major contrast from what the Times and other mainstream media outlets claimed during the 2020 presidential election when Biden was running. Back then, the press stated the laptop reports were fake news and even disinformation from the Russian government.

Now, as Biden cements himself as one of the most unpopular presidents in history, suddenly, all of the shady stories about his son are being openly acknowledged by the media as factual. This is not a coincidence by any stretch of the imagination.

Putting aside this newest turn from the New York Times, there’s no telling what Biden’s handlers are planning behind the scenes.

What Else Could Sink Biden and Harris?

At this time, the specific steps Democrats may take to have Biden and Harris removed from power remain to be seen. However, this is where things could be heading.

At this time, possibly the greatest factor that could sink Biden and Harris are the midterm elections. Between the president and vice president’s broken promises to their base and current economic issues, there isn’t much motivating left-wing Americans to get out and vote in November.

Above all, Biden’s handlers want power; Biden and Harris are merely the tools they see as the avenues to power. However, as the current administration continues making decisions that aren’t in line with Democrats keeping power, it increases the incentive for the higher-ups to have them removed.

Should Republicans retake Congress in November — which is widely projected to occur — Biden and Harris may find themselves in even more political danger than they currently face.