Biden Asks OPEC For More Oil While Smothering American Production

Gas prices in the U.S. are continuing the climb that has been going on all year. The average price per gallon nationwide was $3.36 last week, an increase of 17.1 cents over the last month and $1.21 more than this time one year ago.

It is no surprise that gas prices are spiking during the Biden administration, as the president began crippling domestic oil production immediately upon taking office. Joe Biden has proven himself to be a reliable servant to the radical leftists bent on taking the country back at least a hundred years in the name of environmentalism and climate control.

Now that gas prices are directly harming the economy and our chances of recovering from the COVID shutdowns and supply chain disruptions, Biden seems finally willing to do something. However, he is not interested in restarting the Keystone XL Pipeline or opening up leasing on federal land for production.

Instead, he is turning to OPEC and terrorist enablers with hat in hand. His idea of a solution is to beg countries in an adversarial position to produce more oil in ways that are the most damaging to the environment anywhere on the planet.

The Biden emergency plan completely ignores the capacity of Americans to produce more oil than our competitors and do it more cleanly and efficiently. Also left aside by the progressives in control of the White House are all the jobs that domestic production would support.

Worst of all is the reality that begging OPEC for more oil is doomed to fail. The Middle East countries that our taxpayers enrich have no incentive to increase production or put more crude oil on the market.

Oil reached almost $85 per barrel on Tuesday, approaching its highest price in years. That price increase comes as supply from OPEC continues to fall short of the administration’s expectations. OPEC and related countries continue to slow-walk the production increases the U.S. has begged for.