Biden Bringing Tens of Thousands of Ukrainians to America

Joe Biden has overseen the migration of around 44,000 Ukrainians into the U.S. in around two months. Data from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) shows that 22,000 of those migrants have been allowed into the country at the southern border with Mexico.

The Biden administration has also been releasing numerous Ukrainians into the interior of the nation at the San Ysidro Port of Entry at San Diego, California. The process has generally involved Ukrainians flying to Tijuana, Mexico, to be processed at the San Diego location. There they are normally briefly detained and then released into the U.S.

A source familiar with the processing told Breitbart News the system amounts to a “DMV for Ukrainians.” Around 800 Ukrainians are currently entering the San Diego location each day.

After their brief screening, they are greeted by several non-governmental organizations that have set up operations just outside the Port of Entry facility. They are provided with food, necessities, and support for further travel inside the country.

The process is reportedly an indication of how many illegal migrants view the current border policies of the U.S. government. Many appear to prefer turning themselves in to Border Patrol agents to trying to evade them. Around 90% of migrants at the San Diego Port of Entry are appearing there to turn themselves in, as they generally expect they will be shortly released into the U.S.

The DHS has also revealed that the agency’s “Uniting for Ukraine” migration program has streamlined the entry of another 22,000 Ukraine nationals into the U.S.

That program allows Ukrainians to obtain “parole” clearance before entering the U.S., which allows them to remain in the country legally for two years. Of the 22,000 who have obtained parole, around 4,200 have already entered the country and the rest continue arriving daily. More than 40,000 more applications are still pending.

As part of the $40 billion in additional aid for Ukraine approved last month by Congress, $900 million was allocated to fund the Biden pipeline of Ukrainian migration into the U.S.

The massive aid package was made possible with the support of a majority of Republicans in Congress. Only 57 House and 11 Senate GOP members voted against the additional money for Ukraine amid surging inflation and economic uncertainty here in the U.S.