Biden Called Out For Ignoring The Military Veterans Injured In Terror Attacks

President Biden has been called out for ignoring their sacrifices by a group of veterans, who were injured in terrorist attacks. By channeling billions of dollars from the Afghan funds to insurance companies or to Hevlish plaintiffs, Biden ignores the sacrifices made by the US military and other victims of terrorism. These claims were addressed in a letter sent this week to various foreign policy officials in Congress.

The allegations against Biden are the latest developments as victims of terror feud over the administration’s decision to redirect $3.5 billion in assets in the Afghan Central Bank that was meant for a fund for victims of terrorism.

It is to be noted that the Biden Administration is planning to settle legal issues against the Taliban brought forward by victims of 9/11 and insurance companies. However, the victims of terrorism and US military victims believe the money should be given to the federal trust that the Congress had created in 2015 for their compensation.

The letter states how Biden issued an executive order to have the $3.5 billion channeled to a federal judge in New York who will use it to settle the claims of a small party of victims and some insurance companies. This was done instead of sending the money to the US Victims of State Sponsored Terrorism (USVSST) Fund to be distributed equally amongst the victims.

More clarity on the matter is brought by the small crowd of victims who are being represented by Lee Wolosky. Wolosky served as a White House counsel to Biden on Afghanistan before leaving in January. The attorneys representing the victims get one-third of the settlement.

The veterans claim that this executive order undermines the sacrifices the US military has made whilst protecting the country. Furthermore, it also goes against Congress-established mechanisms to compensate these veterans and victims. Instead of a select group to reap the benefits of the fund, the USVSST was established on the premise that the funds should be distributed equitably to all the victims.

This letter that over 400 veterans and their families have signed has called for a reversal of this executive order and for the funds to be allocated to the USVSST instead.