Biden Called Out Over Tariffs Cuts For China

When former President Trump was in office, he put into effect trade tariffs on China. These tariffs were widely praised for giving a serious boost to US manufacturing, while also ensuring that China wasn’t able to take advantage of America via trade.

Ultimately, the tariffs served as another way of putting America first. Since Joe Biden’s been in office, these tariffs have remained in place. However, that could be changing very soon.

Reportedly, the current president is thinking of slashing these tariffs, supposedly under the guise of bringing down US inflation.

Republicans aren’t buying what the Biden administration is selling here. At this time, Biden is being called out by multiple GOP members for the dangerous impacts that removing these tariffs would create.

The GOP on Chinese Tariffs Cuts
On Sunday, Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) discussed with Fox News the many problems with letting China go tariff-free.

According to the congresswoman, Biden’s putting the best interests of China before those of America. Blackburn also warned that Hunter Biden’s business involvement with China could very well play a role in his father’s reported plans to axe these tariffs.

Later, the congresswoman told Fox News that she’s personally spoken with her own constituents about the impacts of Chinese tariffs dating back to the Trump administration.

Blackburn said multiple Tennessee residents confirmed these tariffs saved America from being a dumping ground for China’s oil.

Blackburn told Fox News that what Biden’s planning to do here is a “national security issue.” This news of tariffs being on the likely chopping block also comes as the president’s shipped over some of America’s emergency oil supply to China.

Finally, the GOP senator warned that the president’s measures leading toward a tariff-free China have to come to a stop.

More Pandering to China
Sending US oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserves and planning to cut tariffs are not the only measures of the Biden administration that raise alarm regarding China.

Republicans are also calling out the Biden administration for heavily promoting electric vehicles. Right now, the United States doesn’t currently hold the tools necessary for batteries to power these vehicles.

China, on the other hand, does. Therefore, the White House pushing for widespread use of electric vehicles opens the door to China having control over mass transit in America.

To this day, many inquiring minds would love to know what China may have on the current president.