Biden Continues Spewing Boldface Lies About Economy

Upon looking up the meaning of the term “gaslighting,” next to the definition will be a picture of President Joe Biden.

A multitude of problems have arisen since Biden took office. At the top of that list is inflation, which has risen 8.2% over the last calendar year.

The longtime senator continued lying about our weakening economy during a Thursday interview with Nexstar Washington Correspondent Reshad Hudson, blaming record-high inflation on “packaged goods.”

“The main driver of food prices” [isn’t things like beef or eggs, it’s packaged food], so you will “see people not buying Kellogg’s Raisin Bran, you’re going to see them buying other Raisin Bran, which is going to be a dollar cheaper.”

The president was quick to offer assurance that he’s taking the proper steps to lower gas and food prices.

“We’re getting them down. I told you I’d bring them down. We’re bringing it down,” Biden said.

The president then graced us with another one of his patented, oft hard to believe, tales from the days of old.

“I come from a family where if gas prices went up or if food prices went up, what happened was there was a conversation at the kitchen table.”

During Thursday’s interview, Biden gave an audacious response after being asked why the public should vote Democrat with the “record inflation” that occurred on his watch.

“Because it’s not record inflation anymore. I’m bringing it down,” he responded.

Biden was able to defy the odds and top that quote shortly after.

“As that [GDP] report showed, you have people who are now in a position where the combination of pay raises and job security, they’re now better off, even with inflation than they were before it.”

That’s precisely what someone that wanted the public to hate them would say.

Despite what the president says, prices across the nation continue rising and families are hurting because of it.

Recent polling shows inflation and the price of goods will be at the forefront of voters’ minds when deciding what party to vote for in the upcoming looming midterms.

For a president that has given Americans few reasons to support his administration, there’s reason to believe voters’ frustration will rear its face in the November elections in Republicans’ favor.