Biden Continues To ‘Push Vaccines’ Above All In Message On Student Loan Repayments

Joe Biden announced continuing the pause on student loan debt repayment into a strange COVID-19 message urging vaccinations. President Donald Trump initially announced the freeze on student loan repayments in March 2020 and set it to end on February 1.

Biden announced last month that he had decided to extend the pause on repayments until May 1 and said he based the decision at least in part on the continuing need for Americans to be vaccinated and boosted.

He said that in return for moving the reinstatement of loans back further, he asked all student loan borrowers to “do their part as well.” That request came as he explained that the Department of Education is poised to assist borrowers in preparing to restart making payments on student debt obligations.

The president said borrowers could look into amended repayments or debt amnesty programs and get vaccinated and boosted as soon as eligible.

On Monday, Biden again described the ongoing COVID-19 situation as a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” continuing his negative description of persons who elect not to receive the experimental jab using genetic material obtained from the abortion industry.

Last month, Biden told unvaccinated Americans that they are looking at a winter of “severe illness and death” for themselves and their families. He also warned anyone unvaccinated that they will soon “overwhelm” the country’s hospitals.

Recent mortality studies performed by Johns Hopkins University indicate that 98.5 percent of all people across all age groups and health conditions will survive COVID-19 infection. The push by the federal government for everyone to get multiple shots and boosters adds to the doubts many have about the efficacy of the vaccines. The Food and Drug Administration has also begun recognizing and listing adverse medical effects of the vaccines, including myocarditis and nerve damage in some recipients.