Biden Criticizes Florida Bill as ‘Hateful’

Joe Biden took a shot at a bill making its way through the Florida legislature because it will protect young schoolchildren from being exposed to mature discussions of carnal orientation and gender. Supports of the legislation say that it will shield kids from discussions they are not ready for, but Biden described it as an attack on gay rights and bigoted.

Biden said in a tweet posted on Tuesday that he wants kids who are members of “the LGBTQI+ community” to know they are “loved and accepted” despite the impact of the “hateful” bill. His Administration will fight for their “protection and safety.” He also retweeted a post from the official White House account that said the law is “designed to attack LGBTQI+ kids.”

The state Senate’s Education Committee has approved the Florida bill. It provides that schools in the state are not permitted to “encourage discussion about their orientation or gender identity in primary grade levels” or in school settings that are inappropriate for any student’s age or development levels.

The bill’s primary sponsor in the Florida Senate is Republican Sen. Dennis Baxley. He has said that the law directs sensitive subjects back to parents during early childhood development. He said that permitting schools to have sensual discussions with young children is “entering a very dangerous zone.” Baxley added that sensual discussions are a red flag that discussions are occurring that aren’t teaching.

Baxley added that the law would apply to the official curriculum and prohibit children from having private conversations with teachers or staff about intercourse or gender.

Democrat Florida state Sen. Tina Polsky criticized the bill, saying it will be “tough” for teachers to determine a private conversation. They will be concerned about getting sued.

Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis said that the bill’s debate comes down to protecting parental rights regarding their children’s education. The bill allows parents to bring civil lawsuits for law violations. DeSantis said that he sees the bill as ensuring that education is age-appropriate and added that he does not want the state’s schools to become a “playground for ideological disputes.”

The Governor’s Press Secretary Christina Pushaw pointed out that the law is not a “blanket ban” in all schools but aims to keep intercourse education directed at students of sufficient age and maturity.

Meanwhile, Biden and the White House will undoubtedly continue to condemn any measure supported by DeSantis or the Republicans in the Florida legislature.