Biden Foreign Policy Is A Train Wreck As He Lies About Afghanistan

Joe Biden’s incompetent and corrupt maladministration is a problem for America and the rest of the world. The ill-fated Afghanistan military withdrawal was poorly planned and badly executed. But, because of the liberal Praetorian guard media. And Biden can make excuses for military losses by pretending they were inevitable and inescapable. It is a shameful display for our military and nation.

There is no excellent way to put this. Dissembling, deceptive practices, or flat out lying about what he did to aid and support US military personnel is par for the course for Joe Biden. But this is unacceptable for our leader.

A Democrat agent dressed up as a CBS anchor, Rita Braver, asked the anti-President Biden about Afghanistan. He told another tall tale about his record of supporting the military forces in Afghanistan. This intentional deception is only intensified by his attempts to avoid his obligations and responsibilities as the Commander-in-Chief.

Biden rejected the few people in the top brass of the military who suggested that he remain in the country and maintain Bagram Air Base. Others encouraged him to leave a small but substantial military presence to bolster our support within the Afghan government and provide a backstop to Taliban advances.

Instead, Grandpa Joe did not aid the individuals killed and said that essentially, he realized their deaths were unavoidable. Like he usually does, Joe Biden stepped in a mess when he inferred that these deaths were inescapable.

He claims that saying that we could’ve gotten out without anyone being harmed was wrong. And he carped that nobody showed him a method for how that occurs. Biden cannot help himself, and he lies all the time. Even when the American people know he received alternative options. He thinks he can pull it off, demonstrating his mental weakness and problems with some help from the media. It does not come off well.

We killed thirteen servicemen and women because of his idiotic desire to cut and run before the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on our nation on 9/11/2001. Additional military losses and tragic civilian drone assassinations have been endured during his horrid first year as president. A Democrat Party and media imposed this danger on our nation who covered his dementia-riddled cognitive impairments. He should never have been put in charge.

Biden made roughshod arguments that he was against the conflict. He said he was opposed to military intervention in the Asian country from the earliest starting point. And he repeated comments he made to New Hampshire’s Seacoast Media Group in 2019.

Biden thinks that he is the person that suspected we ought not to be going into Afghanistan. He continually mumbles and bumbles his way through gaffe-prone interviews as he attempts to distract Americans from his complicity in these reckless actions.

Biden never objected to attacks on Afghanistan. When he was merely a Senator from Delaware, he consistently joined others in Congress in votes on the side of the 2001 approval for military force. He said he was willing to support action against countries, associations, or people President George W. Bush identified as terrorists.