Biden Has a Conflict of Interest Regarding Student Loan Forgiveness

The debate about student loan forgiveness in America is far from over. Democrats have been keeping pressure on Joe Biden, demanding that he absolves borrowers of the student loan debt they agreed to take out.

Republicans, on the other hand, have pointed out the problems a policy like this would cause. For one thing, it would increase taxes and raise the national deficit while America is teetering on the edge of a recession.

Secondly, letting certain folks get a free ride on student loan debt is hardly fair to borrowers who did the right thing and paid back what they owed.

However, as the student loan debt conversation remains ongoing in America, Biden’s conflict of interest concerning this matter is apparent for all to see.

Top White House Aides Drowning in Student Loan Debt?
Many aides working for Biden in the White House have a vested interest in passing their student loan debt onto taxpayers.

Disclosures show that dozens of the president’s employees owe money to the federal government; one of them just so happens to be White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

This, in and of itself, gives credence to the argument that Biden’s advisers will push him to make a decision that benefits them, even if it’s harmful to the rest of the country.

American taxpayers are being eaten alive by gas prices that are set to reach $10.00 per gallon, along with inflation. The last thing taxpayers need is being forced to foot the bill for student loans they never agreed to.

Reactions From American Taxpayers
News that Biden’s own staffers owe the government student loan money has prompted some strong reactions from Americans.

On Twitter, some users pointed out the reality that taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for White House staffers’ salaries and their student loans.

Other folks were quick to note that anyone who’s risen to hold a top role in the White House should be more than capable of paying off their own student loans.

As officials within the White House have everything to gain from getting out of paying their student loans, the cost of passing this on to everyday taxpayers would do extreme damage.

These days, many Americans are barely making it. They’re doing everything they can not to sink into total poverty. Individuals who are working in the White House can take the steps necessary to pay off their student loans; it’s just a question of whether they are willing to do so.

In the meantime, working-class Americans have enough on their plates.