Biden Held Accountable For Attacks on Charter Schools

We are living in crazy and dangerous times. In growing ways, the political left is carrying out various attacks with an endgame of forcing through their own agenda.

This is clear as Democrats support pro-crime policies that lead to chaos in communities. Left-wing attacks against border security, parents, people of faith, etc., also very plainly show what Democrats are.

However, one of the most insidious attacks of all from the left comes against children’s education. Democrats want to weaponize the education system; they want to use it to indoctrinate children into seeing radical leftist politics as the default.

This is why Democrats are pushing to make transgenderism and critical race theory curriculums for kindergarteners. Now, the White House is joining in by working to gut charter schools, per Washington Free Beacon.

Protecting Charter Schools in America
Biden’s attempt to gut charter schools comes in the form of revoking federal funding from ones that are “for-profit.”

If this plan goes through, the only way charter schools will regain federal funding is if they prove that public schools in the community are suffering from “over-enrollments.”

Now, it’s important to understand this is not only an attack on children’s education, but also a convoluted plot to lessen competition facing teachers’ unions. Teachers’ unions are in bed with public schools; however, the same cannot be said about for-profit charter schools.

House Republicans aren’t standing by as the president puts politics over kids’ education. Nearly two dozen GOP lawmakers penned a letter to the Education Department, noting the role that charter schools play in children’s options and overall learning.

Republicans in Congress also warned that minorities in various communities across America will be hurt by what the Biden administration is attempting to pull off.

Time and time again, Democrats claim to be defenders of minorities; yet, they’re trying to take out the very charter schools that minorities can and do benefit from.

As teachers’ unions rallied to keep public schools closed (without a care in the world for impacts on students), charter schools saw a 7% enrollment rise during 2020 and 2021.

The Biggest Fight For America
There are few battles of greater significance than those involving children. Children are the most innocent among us and they are the future.

It’s dangerous and predatory for Democrats to use children as pawns in a political game of chess. At this time, it remains deeply imperative for Republicans, conservatives, and patriots everywhere to defend children, their education, and their futures.