Biden is ‘Creating a New Danger’ by Using Petroleum Reserve as ‘Personal Energy Slush Fund’

During a Thursday appearance on Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria,” Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA) asserted that President Joe Biden was “creating a new danger” by using the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve as a “personal energy slush fund.”

As gas prices have continued to skyrocket throughout Biden’s presidency, he has been desperate to lower them to prevent the issue from affecting his poll numbers. The problem is, Biden doesn’t want to actually change his policies that have caused the high gas prices, so instead, he has chosen to make moves that he believes will artificially lower the prices — especially releasing oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

Biden’s most recent dump from the reserve has caught the attention of the media, and the American people, because at a time when Americans are paying record-high prices at the pump, it was revealed that approximately five million barrels had been exported to other countries, including China.

Meanwhile, Biden’s plan isn’t even having the desired effect. Releasing around 1 million barrels per day from the reserve through October has had a minimal effect on lowering the price of oil, while at the same time depleting the Strategic Petroleum Reserves to their lowest level since 1986.

At this point, people are questioning what the Biden administration’s real motive is here. Depleting the reserves, which are meant to be saved for wartime or a time of significant shortage, has little to no impact on prices, so why are they doing it?

Johnson stressed that point during his interview on Fox, stating that the reserve is supposed to be for emergencies only, “not the personal energy slush fund of the president.”

He went on to point out that Biden has “drained it three times to try to get himself out of the crisis that his own policies have created. Now, that’s creating a new danger for us.”

“No one can explain it,” Johnson said. “That headline is just — should make every American irate. The Strategic Petroleum Reserve, of course, is there to protect our country in the event of an unforeseeable event, like a terrorist attack, natural disaster, etc.”

“It is not the personal energy slush fund of the president,” he added. “And yet he’s done it now — he’s used it three times, drained it three times to try to get himself out of the crisis that his own policies have created. Now, that’s creating a new danger for us. Because now the Strategic Petroleum Reserve is drained … So, he’s adding more peril to the American people and more pain at the pump. It’s ridiculous.”