Biden ‘Jokes’ That Dr. Fauci Is The President

Biden quips that White House chief medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci is the president in a speech to the National Institutes of Health. He described how much time he spent with him and how much his input affected White House strategy. To avert future pandemics, Biden also unveiled his winter strategy to combat COVID-19.

Moreover, He also announced a slew of additional travel restrictions for anyone infected with the virus in the United States. Travel to and from the United States will be confined to people who test negative for the virus within one day of arrival.

President Joe Biden has proposed requiring health insurance companies to bear the cost of fast coronavirus testing for all Americans. To “vaccinate the world,” he added, the US is sending vaccine doses to countries that are “not especially friendly to us.”

Vaccinating the rest of the world is “not just a moral tool, a moral responsibility we have,” according to President Joe Biden, who spoke at the State of the Union. He explained, “It’s how we safeguard Americans.” “I will always prioritize the safety of our people.”

According to President Joe Biden, a new type of coronavirus is causing anxiety, but not panic. In Colorado, Minnesota, and California, the virus has been verified. Joe Biden said, “We’re going to attack this variation with science and speed, not panic and uncertainty.” He claims, “We have the greatest instruments, the best vaccinations, the best medication, and the best scientists in the world.”

“We do not expect that more precautions will be required,” he continued. His team is already working with authorities from Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson to build contingency plans for additional vaccinations or boosters, just in case.