Biden Military Task Force Could Target Conservatives

Joe Biden’s military leadership has organized a task force to combat “extremism” that could lead to the dismissal of military personnel who interact with pro-life social media posts or visit conservative websites.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has tabbed senior advisor and Iraq war veteran Bishop Garrison to head up the Countering Extremist Activity Working Group. That group has enacted new rules that define “extremist activities” as including “advocating widespread unlawful discrimination” against protected groups.

Commenters say that Garrison is a long-standing supporter of extremist racial programs like the 1619 Project and black separatists like Ta-Nehisi Coates. Concerns have been raised that the rules provide latitude for moving against conservatives while exempting black nationalists like Garrison from enforcement.

Daniel Greenfield at Frontpage Magazine expressed concern that the policy can capture Christians who express opposition to gay marriage as “active participants” in “extremist discrimination.” Greenfield added that counterterrorism researchers writing about the threat posed to national security by Islamization would be in danger under the new policy.

Greenfield added that extremism is now defined as including discrimination against “gender identity” and opposition to punishments for anyone who opposes forcing teenage military females to shower with males who identify as women.

The rules go all the way to punishment for personnel engaging in “electronic and cyber” extremism, including posting, sharing, or liking offending content.

Garrison’s rules include advocating discrimination based on “intercourse (including pregnancy)” as extremist activity. Presumably, opposing women in combat, even pregnant women, would violate the new rules. The rules could also be used to prosecute church membership or promote pro-life viewpoints.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby has publicly stated that the anti-extremism rules will preserve the right of service members to free expression “to the extent possible.”

Greenfield added that even though legal challenges to the new rules are specific, the responsibility will fall to Congress and the next presidential administration to repeal or significantly revise the new rules regarding “extremism.” He added that the Biden administration is currently engaging in the “most dangerous and pervasive” discrimination against the free expression of all political views.