Biden Nears Decision On 2024 Presidential Race, Says Hawaii Governor

Hawaii Gov. Josh Green revealed that President Joe Biden might decide within days whether to stay in the 2024 presidential race. Green, who recently met with Biden and other Democratic governors, suggested that if Biden steps down, Vice President Kamala Harris could be his chosen successor.

Biden has faced growing concerns about his age and mental sharpness, especially following a challenging debate performance last month. While some Democrats have urged him to reconsider his campaign, Biden continues to emphasize the support he receives from party leaders, particularly governors.

“If the president feels the race is unwinnable or receives advice from his close circle to step down, he will,” Green stated. He added that Biden’s decision is expected soon, reflecting the pressure from returning Congress members.

Green, previously a physician on Hawaii’s Big Island, expressed confidence in Biden’s experience and wisdom, comparing it to that of respected elders in families. “I support the president until he indicates otherwise,” Green affirmed.

Despite the president’s insistence on running, the discussion about his potential withdrawal has intensified. Green noted that both Biden and former President Donald Trump, who is three years younger, are susceptible to bad days but stressed that temperament is more crucial than age. “We need someone steady handling the nuclear codes, not someone who tweets aggressively at night,” Green remarked.

Green emphasized that Biden should be allowed to nominate his replacement if he decides to exit the race. “The Democratic Party would likely welcome his designation of Harris,” he said, highlighting her credentials as a former California attorney general and a prominent African American leader.

In a meeting with governors, Biden joked about his health, saying everything was fine except for his brain, a comment Green insisted was taken out of context. “It was a self-deprecating joke, showing his cognitive function is intact,” Green explained. The meeting was candid and unscripted, with governors expressing various opinions.

The nation awaits Biden’s decision, which could significantly shape the Democratic ticket for 2024.