Biden Nominates Critical Race Theory Radical To Department Of Education Post

Joe Biden’s latest nominee to a critical position in the Department of Education supports Critical Race Theory education in America’s public schools. Biden named LaWanda Toney on Wednesday to be assistant secretary for the department’s Office of Communications and Outreach.

Toney currently works as the director of strategic communications for the National Parent Teacher Association and was heavily praised by the administration for her work in education and media. However, her appointment seems to be part of the continuing White House efforts to bring racially-based critical theory education to American schools. That campaign runs counter to the intense feelings of most parents and legislators throughout the country regarding the controversial theories.

Toney regularly hosts a podcast for the National PTA called “Notes From the Backpack.” She typically promotes race and gender educational theories with leftist and LGBT experts in podcast episodes.

In an episode in October, Toney asked a guest if there was any advice for “parents of color” with children experiencing microaggressions or bias at their schools. In September, she hosted an episode titled “Talking Race and KidLit,” during which she discussed “diversity in children’s literature” and how to expose elementary school children to people of different physical orientations and multiple genders.

She has also hosted episodes discussing educating children about cultural identity, gun violence, and combatting COVID-19 “misinformation.”

Parents around the nation have been expressing more significant concern and frustration about race and gender-based propaganda inside schools since the beginning of the Biden Administration. Despite increased barriers and discouragement, many parents have been more active in speaking out at local school board meetings and social media groups. Their actions increased legislative efforts in Republican-led states to stop teaching Critical Race Theory and radical gender programs in public schools.