Biden Nominates Soviet-Born Communist Sympathizer To Regulate America’s Banking System

Joe Biden promised he would be the “most progressive president in history” when he ran for office last year. His appointments to key federal administrative offices have shown him to be true to his word, at least as far as that promise is concerned.

The latest nomination showing that Biden meant what he said is Saule Omarova, a law professor at Cornell. The latter has been tabbed to be the Comptroller of Currency at the Treasury Department. The job involves regulating American banks and financial institutions.

Omarova’s resume is bad enough when it shows that she has never been employed in the actual economy or run a business but has lived her professional life as an academic. Unfortunately, the problems with Omarova go much deeper than that. She is a communist sympathizer who was born in the Soviet Union. She is a 1989 graduate of Moscow State University and attended there on the Lenin Personal Academic Scholarship.

Omarova wrote on Twitter in 2019 that she supported the “old USSR” because it did not have a “gender pay gap.” After being called out for the statement, she backtracked some but never criticized the Soviet command-control economy.

She said that she did not claim the Soviet government treated men and women “absolutely equally.” She went on to add in a supportive tone that salaries were “set in a gender-blind manner” and that women were granted “very generous” maternity benefits. Omarova said such things are a “pipe dream” in American society.

Leaving her pro-Soviet comments aside, she has taken some very communistic policy positions regarding Western economies. She has written in favor of totally federalizing the American banking system, with the federal government being designated as the only legal lending institution. Her dream is for all credit transactions to be under the direct control of the central government in Washington.

Omarova’s dream is of a nationalized economy. A president could cancel mortgage loans or re-write commercial loan agreements according to the whim of bureaucrats sitting in the Swamp.

Because of the even split in the Senate, America will need to rely again on moderates like Sens. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) to tell the White House “no” on another anti-American nomination.