Biden Plans Extensive Press Conference After NATO Summit

President Joe Biden will host an extensive question-and-answer session, referred to by the White House as a “Big Boy” press conference, following the NATO summit in Washington, DC. This decision comes in response to growing criticisms about the president’s limited media interactions and questions about his fitness for office.

John Kirby announced the press conference during a Monday briefing. “The president will hold a press conference, I guess a ‘Big Boy’ press conference, we’re calling it, and take some questions from y’all,” Kirby stated. This initiative aims to address the concerns and criticisms head-on by providing a more thorough media engagement.

Karine Jean-Pierre, when asked about the event, said, “Later, on Thursday, when he gives his press conference, his ‘Big Boy’ press conference…” The term, though not enthusiastically embraced by Jean-Pierre, has been used humorously by the administration.

Fox News’ Peter Doocy noted that White House officials describe the upcoming press conference as more expansive than usual. “They are describing it—at the White House—as a ‘Big Boy’ press conference,” he explained, suggesting that this might be an effort to shift focus from Biden’s age and health concerns.

The phrase “Big Boy” originated from a previous press briefing and has stuck since. It recalls the style of a smaller event held by Biden and First Lady Jill Biden after a disappointing debate against Donald Trump, where Jill Biden praised her husband’s performance in a manner reminiscent of a supportive school event.

This press conference represents a critical opportunity for President Biden to engage with the media more directly and robustly than in previous interactions. It is a strategic move to reaffirm his leadership and address public and party concerns about his capacity to serve effectively.