Biden Reneges Again on Border Wall Vow

Candidate Joe Biden promised that “not another foot” would be built of former President Donald Trump’s border wall. This assertion was repeated at one campaign stop after another as a rock-solid pledge to Democratic supporters.

But then reality set in.

That reality is that illegal immigration is swamping the nation’s southern border as record numbers cross virtually every month. In Yuma, Arizona, where new border wall additions have been approved, as many as 1,000 migrants cross into the U.S. every day.

Of course, the Biden administration cannot just admit that Trump’s border wall policy is quite effective in areas where there’s actually a border wall. So they improvised.

It was Sen. Mark Kelly (D-AZ) who announced Thursday that the gaps in the Morelos Dam area will be closed. He credited the Department of Homeland Security for the action to “properly secure the border and keep our communities safe.”

DHS said Thursday that the gaps in previous wall construction are being filled in for “safety reasons.” And no, not the nation’s safety.

The spaces between walls erected near Yuma are being filled in because illegal migrants may slip down a slope. They could also drown walking across shallow parts of the Colorado River.

Ironically, the agency released a statement saying that, besides the safety concerns, the wall is being expanded as part of its “priority to deploy effective border measures.”

Does this mean that the Biden administration now considers the wall to be effective? Almost immediately after taking office, the new president ended Trump’s border wall program, but that action has seen multiple reversals.

The area just south of Yuma is the third-busiest border crossing from Mexico into the U.S. for illegal migrants. There are four wide gaps in the previously built structure, and walking across the river gets migrants within range of surrendering to border officials and requesting asylum.

An environmentalist who studies the area for ecological damage, Myles Traphagen, compared the gaps to a “new Ellis Island.”

He listed immigrants from far-flung origins including Ethiopia, Cuba, Russia, India, and Nicaragua as crossing through the border gaps regularly. Interesting.

Ellis Island was a controlled environment, and people who were not to be admitted to the country for whatever reasons were sent back. The Mexican border is chaotic, and if the Biden administration finally sees the “effectiveness” of a strong wall, further construction should follow soon.