Biden Reportedly Reveals to Obama He’s Running Again to Beat Trump

President Joe Biden reportedly told former President Obama that he intends to run for reelection in 2024 — and that he’s running purposefully to defeat former President Trump.

Obama visited the White House earlier this month in recognition of 12 years of Obamacare, though it’s not clear when Biden confided in his former boss. The president said in March that he would be “fortunate” to face Trump again in 2024.

Multiple sources say the 79-year-old Democrat, who is besieged by turmoil and sinking into the 30s in some approval ratings, still believes he is the only candidate who can turn back Trump. That is, of course, if Trump decides to run, which is something that is far from confirmed.

But the word from White House chatter is that Biden will run, and Democratic National Committee (DNC) insiders believe he will face primary challengers if he does. Even more worrisome to Democratic strategists are multiple polls showing Trump victorious over the incumbent in a potential rematch.

For example, the RealClearPolitics average of recent polls shows Biden’s approval rating at just 41%, and many surveys put that number in the mid-30s. Moreover, a Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll released March 29 shows not only does Trump win the rematch with Biden by six points, but he steamrolls Vice President Kamala Harris by 11 percentage points.

If Biden were to be reelected, he will be 86 when his second term ends.

It is highly unlikely that the president, were he not intending to run again, would publicly announce the decision this soon. That would confer lame-duck status on his administration with over two years remaining and undoubtedly spawn massive infighting within the party ranks.

Even the most optimistic Democrats anticipate a blowout victory for the GOP in November’s midterms and a struggle for the Senate. The ensuing chaos from an early announcement would likely doom even chances of keeping control of the upper chamber. So for now at least, Republicans and the American electorate must be content to take the president at his word. But without a massive turnaround in fortunes, both domestically and internationally, it remains difficult to see where Joe Biden is getting his optimism from.