Biden Schemes For Senate to ‘Temporarily’ End Filibuster Over Abortion

President Joe Biden on Thursday called for a temporary filibuster exception for certain causes that he deemed too important to be left to the constitutional process. An idea he previously opposed is now in favor in the White House after the high court’s “destabilizing” ruling on abortion.

The Senate’s filibuster means that, for contentious legislation, supporters need 60 votes to overcome opposition. Otherwise, any member of the body may effectively block action. Ending this protocol is a move that the Democrat’s far left wing has blindly embraced since last year.

Biden, torching the U.S. Supreme Court while at a NATO summit in Spain, condemned the “outrageous” overturning of Roe v. Wade.

NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell asked Biden if he is “the best messenger to carry this forward.” The president declared that he is in fact the president and “that makes me the best messenger.” Okay.

Biden’s statement came a day after former presidential candidate and secretary of state Hillary Clinton expressed her backing for the move. She called for ending the filibuster on “constitutional” issues, which she specifically listed as abortion and voting rights.

Is it an illusion, or has the former first lady suddenly reappeared in the spotlight? Almost like a potential candidate floating trial balloons?

In a related development, Vice President Kamala Harris also chimed in Thursday by tweeting that Roe needs to be codified into law. And “if the filibuster gets in the way,” the Senate should “make an exception.”

As for the president himself, Biden supported the filibuster right up until the moment he didn’t. As recently as last July, the former senator said eliminating the procedure would create “chaos” and the Senate would grind to a halt.

Amazingly, that was a sane and defensible position. So of course it was abandoned when the White House repeatedly did not get its way.

Democrats have an incredibly difficult time accepting when courts and congressional votes do not follow the script. Disagree with the Supreme Court? Pack it until it decides in your favor. Cannot override the filibuster? Eliminate it or, failing that, create some nebulous exception to get your way.

There must be leftists intelligent enough to see the obvious. If Democrats can do it, so may Republicans. Majorities shift like sand on the beach, and the party in control today is in the minority tomorrow.

One bad November showing, one election upset, and your opponents will aim the same weapons back at you that you loaded and aimed at them.