Biden Tells More ‘Brazen Lies’ In His Push For Gun Control

Joe Biden added another blatant lie that will go unchallenged by the corporate media to his anti-gun campaign this week. On top of the intentional falsehood that private citizens were legally prohibited from owning cannons when the nation was formed, he added another lie about legal liability for gun manufacturers while arguing for ever-increasing levels of federal gun control.

Biden used the deaths of NYPD Officers Jason Rivera and Wilbert Mora as an opening to appear in New York City on Thursday to ramble on how law-abiding Americans across the country are somehow responsible for the surging crime afflicting Democrat-controlled cities.

Biden pretended to be shocked by his assertion that the law gives gun manufacturers absolute legal immunity from being sued for harms caused by firearms. He further stretched the false point by comparing gun makers to the tobacco industry. The Second Amendment expressly protects the natural human right of self-defense by prohibiting government action that invades the right to keep and bear arms.

Gun manufacturers do not have absolute immunity from lawsuits. Ordinary and longstanding products liability laws throughout the US hold companies liable for negligent product designs and manufacturing defects that cause harm to people or property. Gunmakers are not responsible for what a bad actor does with a properly functioning gun any more than a car manufacturer is accountable for what a driver does illegally with a properly working vehicle.

Biden added the other lie that gun makers have total immunity from suit due to the “power of their lobbying ability.”

The codification of the common application of products liability laws around the nation is found in the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) of 2005.

That law restates the previously upheld law that businesses legally involved in designing, making, and selling firearms and ammunition are not legally responsible for the harm caused by criminals or persons who unlawfully misuse properly functioning legal products. There is no legal immunity for defective products or designs that cause injury.

During the 2020 election season, Biden said that he wanted the PLCAA to be repealed. He told American gun makers at the time that he was “going to take you down.”

Since the media will sadly not only give Biden’s lies a pass but will also likely encourage them, we are virtually certain to hear more calls from Democrats for gun control during this year’s midterm election cycle.