Biden ‘Warned’ By China To Leave Taiwan Out Of ‘American Indo-Pacific’ Plan

As tensions build in Ukraine, Joe Biden’s Administration faces other foreign policy problems regarding its Indo-Pacific strategy. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told Secretary of State Antony Blinken that the US should not include Taiwan as part of its Indo-Pacific strategy. China considers Taiwan as nothing more than a territory it owns.

Earlier this month, the US indicated increasing its diplomatic efforts and devoting extra security resources to the region. In particular, the Pentagon has recently said that it will focus on peace and free shipping through the strait that divides Taiwan from mainland China. The strategy also calls for “extended deterrence and coordination” with South Korea and Japan directed at stability in the region and pursuing the “complete denuclearization” of the Korean Peninsula.

The strategy also says that it aims to strengthen relationships with “regional partners” and specifically named Taiwan in a group of independent nations in the region, including Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Vietnam.

Wang told Blinken during a diplomatic phone call that implementing a strategy to contain China and bring Taiwan into that effort is sending the “wrong signals” internationally. Wang added that he believes the US is using Taiwan in an attempt to “control China.”

He did go on to say that China remains committed to “managing differences” with the US and to stabilizing bilateral connections.

The Chinese Ministry said that Blinken restated the Biden promise that the US does not seek to change China’s political system or engage in a new Cold War during the call. The foreign ministry’s call account also said Blinken reiterated the Biden Administration’s opposition to Taiwan’s independence and said America does not intend to confront the Chinese government.

The State Department issued a short statement confirming the call occurred as scheduled but did not describe the call’s contents or provide any details about whether Taiwan was discussed.