Biden White House Unable To Please Illegal Immigrant Amnesty Advocates

Joe Biden’s administration is struggling to appease its radical pro-amnesty supporters while making an effort to comply with the law and judicial rulings. Amnesty advocates staged a walkout from the White House as a symbolic display of disagreement with the president.

The advocates used a previously planned meeting on Saturday with administration officials from the Department of Homeland Security and Esther Olavarria with the Domestic Policy Council to demonstrate their disagreement with the president.

A statement was read at the opening of the meeting that accused the administration of “playing politics” with illegal immigrants and said that the advocates could not engage with officials “in good conscience.” Before most of the advocates left the video meeting, the statement concluded by saying the group has “sadly reached a turning point.”

Ariana Saludares was one of the advocates who left the meeting. She said that she could not stand another meeting “of them pretending.” She added that while the administration gives them “accolades on the outside,” when inside, they are removing “knives from our back.”

The amnesty group’s problems with the White House centers around the administration’s compliance with an August ruling by a federal judge in Texas. The verdict ordered officials to obey federal immigration law requiring illegal border crossers who claim asylum to be detained at the border until a hearing on the request is held. The rule had been ignored during the Obama administration and the early months of the Biden administration.

Although the White House was slow in responding to the court ruling, on Friday, officials said that they would make a reasonable faith effort to restart the “Remain in Mexico” program put in place by President Trump. That program returns asylum seekers who cannot be detained to Mexico to await their hearings. The program significantly reduced illegal immigration in that it prevented illegals from entering the country to take work from Americans and receive public services and assistance.

Olavarria said on behalf of the administration that in an attempt to appease the amnesty advocates, “we have to proceed in good faith” to avoid being found in contempt of the federal court.

A recent Morning Consult poll shows that only 11 percent of Americans “strongly support” the open borders and pro-amnesty positions the Biden administration takes. The same survey indicates that 44 percent “strongly oppose” those policy positions.