Biden’s Bad Foreign Policy Decisions Are Piling Up

There are many parts of Biden’s presidency that show his inability to make sound judgment decisions. Although, of all areas where this president has fallen short, foreign policy certainly makes the top of the list.

Last year, Biden prioritized an agreement he reached with the Taliban over the lives of U.S. troops and allies in Afghanistan. This backward approach to withdrawing from the invasion into Afghanistan created the foundation for Russia to bring its invasion against Ukraine.

Unfortunately, this is far from the extent of Biden’s blunders when it comes to dealing with other nations and leaders. As pointed out by American Thinker, this president has taken the completely wrong approach towards dealing with both US allies and enemies.

One Dangerous Move After the Next

For some reason, Biden has decided that treating US enemies with kid gloves is the right move to make.

In one of this president’s worst decisions yet, he’s removed known terrorists, such as the Houthis, from international terrorist lists.

At the same time, Biden insists on cozying up to Iran for oil and reinstating the nuclear arms deal. Meanwhile, Iran has absolutely no problems with openly endorsing “death to America.”

Unfortunately, as the president kisses up to regimes around the globe that hate the United States, he doesn’t have much regard for American allies.

Biden’s lack of regard for US allies is demonstrated by his return to the nuclear arms deal with Iran. Not only does this deal hurt America, but it also poses a risk to US allies, such as Saudi Arabia, Israel, etc.

Naturally, it goes without saying that Biden isn’t doing anything to benefit America’s standing on the world stage with his ill-advised foreign policy decisions. Conservatives have repeatedly urged this president to change course, but all to no avail.

No Upside for America

As Biden bows to America’s enemies, he’s only increasing their contempt for the United States. Despite what this president might think, he can’t pacify regimes who hate America into suddenly having a change of heart.

At the same time, as Biden makes deals that hurt US allies, he’s making America harder to trust and rely upon. This weakens American alliances, while helping our nation’s enemies become a stronger threat to the world.

This is the last thing America’s president should be doing. Unfortunately, the only way the United States will be able to come back from such dangerous foreign policy choices is with a new president who actually values America, our allies, and our shared interests.

Sadly, there’s no telling how much more foreign policy damage Biden may do by the time January 2025 gets here.