Biden’s “Border Chief” Mayorkas Files Document Asking Federal Court To Stop “Remain In Mexico” Program

Joe Biden’s “border chief” Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is trying yet again to end the “Remain in Mexico” (RIM) program because he claims it impairs the ability of illegal immigrants to ask federal judges to let them remain inside the U.S.

Mayorkas said in a report prepared for a federal judge who has already ordered that RIM be reinstated that the U.S. is inherently a “nation of immigrants.” He added that a fundamental problem with RIM is that it puts an “international barrier” between illegals and their lawyers as well as “relevant information.” He also objects to having the “safety and security” of illegal immigrants placed in the hands of Mexico.

Mayorkas predictably focused only on the alleged harm to illegals under RIM, not its benefit to American citizens and communities. He also overlooked the rights of Americans to a secure and stable border.

Although Mayorkas acknowledged that the program led to a decrease in border migration under President Trump, he claimed that the data available is “simply insufficient” to provide an exact number of how much it affected border crossings. He ignores it. However, the data showing around 400,000 crossers became “got-aways” after Biden ended RIM.

Mayorkas argued earlier this year that the “foremost” duty of DHS is the “dignity of migrants.” He also said that his agency’s “highest priority” is returning deported adult aliens to the U.S. so they can live with their children.

Judge Matt Kacsmaryk required the document he submitted to the federal court. The latter ordered DHS to restore RIM or otherwise detain any illegal seeking asylum until their hearing date in federal court. Mayorkas included in his response that RIM is merely “optional” because he also claims to have the authority to “parole” illegals claiming asylum into U.S. communities.

Unchecked migration is very unpopular with ordinary Americans as it cuts wages, increases rent, and diminishes career opportunities. It also negatively affects productivity and increases domestic wealth gaps – American opposition to open border migration cuts across racial, class, and political party boundaries.