Biden’s Border Crisis Sees Tenfold Increase In Encounters, Apprehensions

President Joe Biden’s border crisis continues to jeopardize the safety of Americans while victimizing illegal immigrants and enriching criminal organizations.

The Biden administration has continuously set unpleasant records for the number of illegal immigrants encountered or apprehended at the southern border. The administration has tried to minimize these numbers by calling the situation “irregular migration.”

Nevertheless, as Vice President Kamala Harris insists that she’s addressing the increase in illegal immigrants by focusing on “root causes” in Northern Triangle countries in Central America, the home countries of those being apprehended along the southern border fall outside of Central America and the Western Hemisphere.

According to Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz, there has, despite Harris’s command that residents of Central America “do not come” to the U.S., been a tenfold increase in the number of apprehended migrants from a handful of countries that should alarm the White House.

Comparing apprehensions in 2022 to those in 2023, border patrol agents have seen an increase by a factor of 10. Such individuals being apprehended are from Afghanistan, China, Egypt, Mauritania, and a handful of other countries.

According to Ortiz, the Biden administration is facing “challenges” with the home countries of the illegal immigrants, preventing officials from sending back those who illegally cross into the U.S.

“Perhaps China doesn’t even need a spy base in Cuba in order to gather intelligence about America when they can simply flood the U.S.-Mexico border and get its assets into America along with individuals from countries such as Afghanistan who are illegally surging into the United States,” Townhall said.

Because of the record number of illegal migrants who escaped border patrol, there’s no way of knowing how many were from countries such as China, Russia, or Afghanistan.

According to a June 12, 2023 release from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), their Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) team in Philadelphia “removed Jose Benedicto Mojica Aldana to El Salvador on a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Air Operations charter aircraft June 9.”

Aldana, ICE explained, “is a citizen of El Salvador and confirmed MS-13 gang member with a final order of removal who is wanted by law enforcement authorities in El Salvador for aggravated murder.”

ICE noted, “Mojica entered the United States on an unknown date and at an unknown location without inspection or parole by an immigration official.”

Aldana is just one case of likely a thousand who have entered the U.S. undetected. Among those could be spies of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), terrorists from safe havens overseas, or members of MS-13 and other criminal enterprises.