Bidens Cold Response To The Maui Wildfires Sparks Outrage

The death toll from the Maui wildfires has risen to 99. Sources say that number could potentially double in just the next 10 days. This fire is the deadliest natural disaster Hawaii has ever seen, and the search continues for over 1,300 missing people.

Only about one-quarter of the disaster zone has been searched. The fire has spread over 2,500 acres across historic areas like Lahaina, wiping out homes and businesses. It’s the worst wildfire in U.S. history in over a century.

As if this tragedy isn’t bad enough, our President’s response (or lack thereof) just made things much worse. Biden was stumbling around on vacation and refused to comment about the situation when he was asked. He either could not be bothered or didn’t know what the reporter was talking about.

Regardless of which of those options is the truth, they are both terrible. Biden has sparked outrage over his lack of sympathy and his unwillingness to speak even one minute about the chaos ensuing in Hawaii. Perhaps a third option would be that he’s been told not to speak to anyone while “off-script.”

Biden was asked, “Mr. President, any comment on the rising death toll in Maui?” He responded, “No. No Comment.” As he grinned and waved, climbing back into his security vehicle. The White House response was just as weak as Bidens.

House Press Sec. Karine Jean-Pierre misgendered and mispronounced Sen. Mazie Hirono. She also couldn’t get it right while pronouncing Sen. Brian Shatz’s name. What it looked like was someone unprepared, unwilling to prepare, or didn’t care to prepare. Again, three terrible options.

Jean-Pierre also pulled a Kamala Harris, calling the tragedy that has already killed about 100 people a “devasting devastation.” Absolutely no excuse for being so ill-prepared and disorganized while addressing the fact that one of our states is being burnt to the ground, and those citizens are suffering and dying.

Biden’s particularly cold response, with a smile and all, had many individuals from Hawaii stunned and sickened. One Hawaii Democrat, former Hawaii state Rep. Mark Kaniela Ing, was especially upset with Biden’s callousness.

Kaniela Ing stated in a post that has now been deleted, “I campaigned for you. Now, when I lose dozens of my friends, family, and neighbors. This?” That’s a powerful statement, yet extremely sad.