Biden’s COVID Failures Taking A Toll On Americans

Joe Biden’s presidency is just over eight months old, and his standing in the eyes of the American public has fallen rapidly. The man who told the country that he was the only candidate who could pull us out of the COVID-19 pandemic and get things back to normal is bleeding confidence at a stunning pace.

Polling released this week shows that 53 percent of Americans have “little to no trust” in Biden to provide accurate information about the pandemic. It’s the first time a majority of the country feels that way. Nearly 60 percent of respondents trusted him in that regard when he took office.

Biden took office amid promises to “shut down” COVID, and most Americans believed that he had a plan in mind. When he was inaugurated, he had three vaccines available that were highly effective, and he quickly enacted a COVID “relief” bill pumping trillions into the American economy. The massive spending was sold to the country as a necessary measure for getting “restarted” after months of shutdowns and working from home.

Vaccination rates had stalled out, thanks in large part to the negative publicity about the vaccines happily churned by the Democrats when President Donald Trump was still in office. Democrats chose a strategy of casting doubt on every Trump initiative during the election season. Now many people who are traditionally Democratic voters have refused the vaccine.

The Biden administration’s massive spending hasn’t led to the “restart” of the promised economy. Instead, the country has rising inflation and a persistent labor shortage thanks to vast federal unemployment benefit supplements.

Then COVID infection rates began a steady increase throughout the summer months, even as most of the country was then vaccinated.

While vaccines were sold to the public as the pathway back to “normal,” now the vaccinated are told to mask up just as before they got the shots. Even though the vaccinations are highly effective at minimizing the risk of death or hospitalization, the administration is forcing the same COVID rules on the vaccinated as the unvaccinated.

Biden rushed out in September to promise “booster” shots for everyone previously vaccinated, only to have his Food and Drug Administration contradict him.

Then at the beginning of this week, Biden was asked by a reporter what the vaccination level would need to be for life to return to “normal.” The president’s answer of “98 percent” is essentially a guarantee that “normal” will never return as far as he is concerned.

When enough Americans realize that the Biden administration has no real plan or incentive to restore “normalcy,” the country may find itself ready to move on without Joe Biden and Democratic incompetence.